Reader’s Response to Bindass Poll on Gillette’s Campaing W.A.L.S.

Original Comments.

Translated Version:-

In continuation with the article, Navbharat Times conducted a poll asking, “Whether sporting stubble is a sign of laziness or a fashion statement? They got a lot of answers. Some selected ones are printed here –

Shaving is not a sign of Laziness, but a matter of fashion

  • This ad is completely gender biased. They are doing this for their own profits. These kinds of promotion techniques are shameful for any company – Swarup.
  • According to me, it is wrong to say that men do not shave due to laziness. Ordinarily, men professionals shave as per the code and conduct of their service, but men in middle and lower positions are very busy in their work and household chores and do not get time to shave. Hence, lack of time is the reason for not shaving. In a modern society, shaving is a part of fashion only as a man can do anything to look like a hero – Dr. O. P. Sharma.
  • I think stubble is a matter of fashion and not laziness. Gillette should apologize for their statement – Neena Dhulia.
  • I haven’t shaved today, did not even yesterday, will do tomorrow. Not shaving may be a sign of laziness. By the way, I do not shave every day. I do it alternatively. Sometimes the gap is of two days. We should remain clean. Women keep long hair or short hair, it is a matter of their personal choice. Likewise shaving is also a matter of choice. Women may give their opinion but the final decision should wrest with the man only – Jeevan Kumar Mittal.
  • To sport stubble is completely a matter of personal choice. No company / individual have any right whatsoever to dictate – Virag.
  • Stubble is fashion and nothing else – Neeraj Sapna.
  • It is completely a matter of personal choice. It is meaningless whether someone shaves or not. Ad is bullshit – Amit Kumar.

I take it as a fashion statement. I have sported a French cut for 27 years and still have shaved other areas of my face daily. It is not so easy to keep stubble. It takes a lot of time to maintain it. May be some people are lazy but most people take it as a matter of fashion – Veerendra Gupta.


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