Whether I shave or not….My Wish

Written By: – Poonam Pandey

New Delhi: Boys…have you shaved? If not, then you might just be tagged as lazy. At least those women can do so who are listening to Bollywood actresses Mugdha Godse, Neha Dhupia and Minisha Lamba. In a new ad campaign started by Gillette, the multinational brand of safety razors, these beauties are appealing to women to encourage their men to shave and also that those men who do not shave daily are lazy.

This ad campaign has hit many a men and they have started a crusade against it. An organization by the name of All India Men Welfare Association (AIMWA), has started a protest against this ad campaign, terming it anti-male, not only in India but in the US as well. They have demanded an apology from the multinational and if no response is received in the next 4-5 days, then AIMWA will make complaints to the ministry of Information and Broadcasting and other appropriate forums.

This ad campaign was launched by the name of “Women against Lazy Stubble” on November 7. As per the ad, men do not shave only because they are lazy. It also shows the women on warpath against their non-shaving lazy husbands. All India Men Welfare Association has started email and blog campaign against this on the internet.

Even their American counterparts have started a protest there, saying that the Indian division of Gillette is running a gender biased ad campaign in India. As per Virag Dhulia, founder member of All India Men Welfare Association, company’s president expressed displeasure over phone and assured that the ad campaign would be stopped after 14 December however, the ads are still running. “Merely, on the basis of whether a man shaves or not, he cannot be tagged as lazy. It is a matter of choice for men.” Dhulia added.

Interestingly, a woman’s organization, All India Forgotten Women’s Association, is also supporting the protest.


One thought on “Whether I shave or not….My Wish

  1. In fact I want to know what Gillette thinks ( and who has empowerd women vis-s-vis Gillette ) – WHY they have not said so in their ADV for Muslim Husbands, Sikh Husbands who are happily married to their better with sexy beard / stubble for centuries??? Please include thier names/type also and see the FIRE BURNING in your manufacturing units- in mean, all over the world… come ladies, you ALL are destroying the Peace on Earth in the name of A-Balaa ( or Aa-balaa) Naree…pheee on you species!!!

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