Rape – A Socialysis

The concept of Rape has often been used by gender obsessed radical feminists to over sensitize women’s issues and draw concessions for women from the society. I will not go into the details of what Rape stands for legally and does not stand for, the same has been explained at “Rape Law: YES can mean NO”.

Often it has been reported that the rape law is being misused; though in absence of men’s rights in India being recognized as mainstream social movement, in the last 62 years of Indian Independence no official study has been conducted to study the disastrous effects of misuse of rape laws on men. However, ad-hoc studies have hinted at 60% misuse.

The Supreme Court of India has taken contradictory stands on rape, where on one hand it has raised concerns about rape law being misused and innocent men being trapped whilst on the other hand it says “Asking for evidence from a woman in rape case is insulting”! It is very clear that even the judiciary is not interested in saving men from being raped; it is giving contradictory statements only to keep men in the game.

However, that being history, we will now have a deeper and broader look into the concept of rape from the social and scientific standpoint.

The Social Angle:

Rape, as defined, stands for forced sexual intercourse however; it has very deep meanings attached to it. Due to overblown propaganda about women’s issues and shielding unscrupulous, greedy and disgruntled women by feminists as part of the feminist terrorism, rape is always viewed with a “Victim Women Criminal Men” psycho-social lens.

No wonder men are tagged as rapists ubiquitously but what the feminists have failed to notice is that in their over-zealous attempt to spread male-hatred (under the barb and paradoxical veil of women’s rights) they’ve indirectly tagged all women as prostitutes. For while male gender is adhered to “rapist”, the female gender is adhered to “prostitution”; and the feminists well deserve this denigrated discredit for their misdeeds.

Their efforts have left no room for male victims of rape. Male Victims of Rape! Surprised? Exactly, this is what feminists have done; plugged the communication channel for men, especially in the area of rape. Men accused of rape are considered criminals by birth, tagged as perverts and denied basic human rights as well even before the crime against them is proved. Extending the psychological aspect of the definition of rape, such a behavior against men (merely because they are men tagged as rapists by feminists who remain unchallenged by the society) is nothing less of rape.

On the other hand, there are real physical male victims of rape who are not only routinely denied justice but are also more often than not persecuted as false accused in a rape case by their own perpetrators. I recall a horrifying story from a fellow male victim of how he was forced to have sex with a woman 10 years older than him at the tender age of 12. And because of the social conditioning and emotional castration of men (from the age of 6), he could not share about his ordeal with anyone and though grown up now, still lives with the stigma.

The psychological impact of the incident was so high on him that it has affected every area of his life and he lives a life emotionally paralyzed. All this, while his female perpetrator moves scot free in the society, is nothing less than a combination of physical and psychological rape of the man.

But, all said and done, the reality as it stands today has to be accepted. There is NO RESPITE AVAILABLE for the MALE VICTIMS of RAPE either socially, legally, morally, psychologically or otherwise. Notwithstanding the heinous crime rape is; it is a fact that the hatred against rape accused is so alarmingly high that men accused of rape, top the list of “worst abused” in prisons. They are even sometimes mercilessly beaten up by fellow prisoners. All this, because the male gender is tagged, “rapist” by default and is at the receiving end of the hatred thus spread.

The following quote by Marilyn French (a staunch male hater) – “All men are rapists and that’s all they are. They rape us with their eyes, their laws, and their codes” should be marked as the glorious cornerstone of male hatred and this was a statement made way back in 1977 i.e. 32 years have passed since the statement made and it lies unchallenged, even from men. This single fact shows the mass rape of male gender and the dire need of the emergence of men’s rights movement as the mainstream social movement.

The Scientific Angle:

Having had a look at what rape means socially for men, we will now proceed to look at some biological backbone for the concept of rape. It is a well know medical fact that in case of the duration of forced sexual intercourse (i.e. attempt to rape), the clitoris will close itself and the natural lubrication of vagina (which facilitates the penetration of the penis further inside) stops. It’s a natural in-built defense mechanism available to females against forced sexual intercourse however; men are deprived of this luxury of natural self-defense.

But, the clitoris will open if the woman gets sexually aroused and unless the woman mentally participates in the intercourse, she cannot get sexually aroused and the clitoris will not open. Put in layman terms, it simply means that the intercourse is not a forced one but a consensual sex affair which is NOT RAPE. But still, merely on the basis of the allegation of the woman, the man is charged with rape and is made to undergo PRE-TRIAL PUNISHMENT (which can be worse than actual punishment, more often than not).

It clearly means that in case of single man accused of rape, the rape actually did not happen and the man was falsely accused. Thanks to feminists, this theory will never gain practical ground and men will always have to carry the burden of being men. They will have to continue to live as “Deemed Potential Rapists” and live with the hatred unless they take a stand and join the men’s rights movement.

Unless men stand up for their rights, they and their brethren will have to continue to be raped.


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