Mard ko bhi dard hota hain

By: With Alisha Coelho, Kranti Vibhute and Urvashi Seth

‘Harassed’ by female colleagues, MiD DAY reporter Varun Singh finds nobody is willing to help a man in distress. P.S. it’s International men’s day

When a woman complains to a bystander that she has been molested or someone is following her, the guy is at the receiving end of abuse or a few punches, knocking the air from his lusty sails.

On International Men’s Day, today, we witnessed that the same treatment is not meted out to men who are harassed.

Bachao! Urvashi, Alisha and Kranti pretend to harass Varun,
but none of these men came to his aid.

We got MiD DAY female reporters to harass Varun Singh in full view of passersby yesterday. Not a single person, including cops, came to his aid.

Bus Karo

Mahalaxmi bus stop

I walked towards the bus stop with my supposed trio of tormentors following me at a distance.

Two men who were chatting with each other at the bus stop stopped mid conversation and looked on interestedly as the girls and I staged a ‘fight’.

Hey, Handsome! The girls, Alisha, Urvashi and Kranti, harass
Varun at a bus stop in Mahalaxmi. The men look on passively.

One of the girls asked me my name and even started pulling my bag.

I asked the men for help, but they looked on in stony silence.

I kept requesting the men to help me out but they watched me like they were watching a film. When I kept prodding, one of them said, “What can we do? We can’t help you out!”

Chowky jao, band bajao

Haji Ali junction

I approached a traffic police officer, who was already stressed with the heavy traffic on the junction.

I told him the three women (pointing to my colleagues) have been following me since Mahalaxmi and were passing lewd comments.

Get Those Girls: Varun Singh asks this traffic cop to help him,
as the girls were following him and passing lewd comments.

The traffic cop responded saying, “I cannot help you. Please go to the police chowky.”

So I told him that the girls were right here and so he should act immediately, but the police officer insisted I go to the chowky and even gave me a piece of advice.

“Arre, go to the chowky and these girls will follow you there.”

Legal blocks

Esplanade court

I went to the Esplanade  court in the afternoon and approached a lawyer, and told him I have to register a complaint.

The lawyer said  he would help and told  me to tell him my story. I said that three girls were teasing me and no one helped out.

The change was dramatic. He said he couldn’t help me and I would have to “get a complaint registered with the police at Haji Ali.”

Help Me, Please: Varun Singh approaches a
lawyer at Esplanade court.

I reminded him that he had mentioned that it was not important to register a complaint at Haji Ali, but the lawyer seemed to have a sudden and convenient attack of amnesia.

I asked him how could I find him again (after filing my complaint at the police station). He said, “I am always here. I will be standing here.”

However, he refused to give me his number. I asked for his name and he said, “I am Swami, ask anyone about me,” and vanished in a flash of black and white.

Men’s Day

International Men’s Day is celebrated on November 19 every year.

It started in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago and was supported by the United Nations and received in principal, support from men’s groups in USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Case Study

Savio D’souza, a victim of wife harassment, approached the law for help, but came away disappointed. He said, “My wife got a divorce in the church. She used to come home drunk at 3 am and beat me.

We have separated, but she’s staying in my house and I had to stay on the streets for nearly 18 months.”

Today, Savio and nearly 500 such men will march to Matralaya from Mulund, to protest the law which doesn’t give any relief to a man who is harassed by his wife or a women.

The march will comprise members of Protect Indian Family Foundation, Save Indian Family and Child Welfare Family Foundation, all of whom work for protecting the rights of men.

The men are protesting against 498 A (dowry harassment). They will submit a letter to the home ministry asking for an amendment in the law to protect men.


10 thoughts on “Mard ko bhi dard hota hain

  1. Yet another example of the society’s bias towards women and the repression of men – it’s time for all men to unite and fight for thier rights.

  2. sir,
    just like hunger and thirst a sex urge is an urge some men will have large sex urge and some will have naturally less urge but it is not the life itself it is only a part of life.
    nowadays women want only a servant ( literally a slave) in form of marriage and they are not ready to worship the sanctity of marriage. they will find out about men about their sex urge through mens eyes.
    hence in my humble view men should practice to live solitary not giving so much importance to marriage life. a men has to respect his parents sisters brothers in addition to wife in equal balanced manner.
    already women is treated as a separate caste by the government and so many concessions are given to them in government. let them live as a separate group (as a caste) and dont torture innocent husbands by these loophole having family laws

  3. Very interesting indeed!well who is to blame.of course these bitchy,greedy from the opposite sex, in the name of marriage they a trap and then LOOT physically
    , morally and above all FINANCIALLY.When one is Exhausted then they use the weapon 498a and DV to Suck totally.
    They use legals ed tool which in most cases are in their favour.Why we treat fairer sex above law,when we say law is equal to all.Law is blind ,law wants evidence and they produce false evidences as they produce offspring and then use the offspring to their favour ,thus manufacturing money making minting machine.
    Who is to blame.Men themselves .Men get tempted and the female tempts and traps as a mouse is trapped .

  4. Big deal man!

    Man is a man, do we need to cry over this. Please no. Whats the hassle dude? U get punched in school – u learn to fight back, u fall from cycle – u dont cry, u just sit back and ride as if nothing happened. Thats man. Men don’t help boys do.

    • Of course yes. Why is man’s pain trivialized. And the most unfortunate part is, it is trivialized by castrated and sex starved men like you only. Men like you are the biggest enemy of men who think they should protect a woman at another man’s cost also.

      Man should not protect women. He should protect only himself. Woman should take care of herself.

  5. Women get away with all this because they know the laws are in their favour and Men can do nothing. Women are devils these days yet get away with Murder. They cry foul when things are not in their favour, and want equality, yet to them its only a one way street, it only should go in their favour. It is call HYPOCRACY. They shouldnt expect pity from society anymore for women are worst then men in most instances.

  6. awareness is the key to change the mindset of society….

    first of all we all have to admit that not even law but also the society’s view is biased in favor of female gender. once we admit, we can chalk out plans to cure the disease.

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