Press Release Announcing launch of HRIDAYA – Kolkata

Sub: Announcing the launch of Hridaya – a men’s rights organization under the aegis of Save Indian Family movement.

About Hridaya:

Hridaya is a non-funded non-profit organization under the aegis of the Save Indian Family Movement promoting the cause of men’s rights, family harmony and gender equality. Hridaya also espouses the cause of those grief-stricken families who are victims of misuse of Section 498A (the dowry harassment law), the Domestic Violence Act, Section 125 of CrPC, etc.

Save Indian Family(SIF) is a strong team of dedicated families comprising of victims of “misuse of 498a and other Gender biased Women-Protection laws like Dowry Prohibition Act, Domestic Violence Act, etc.”, including NRIs, Senior citizens who campaign and create awareness about gross injustice and abuse that happen in Indian Legal system.  SIF has over 20 NGOs and 30,000 individuals as its members across the globe.

Hridaya is a member NGO of the SIF network, based in Kolkata, looking after related issues of Kolkata.

Why Hridaya:

Hridaya was launched as day in and day out men were facing harassment in marriages not only from their own wives and in-laws but also from the police, judiciary and the Government. Some problems faced by men,

  1. Almost double the numbers of married men are committing suicides every year as compared to married women. Suicide statistics from the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) show that in the year 2005, 52583 married men committed suicide vis-à-vis 28188 married women. Similar figures for the years 2006 and 2007 are 55,582 vis-à-vis 29,869 and 57,593 vis-à-vis 30,064 respectively. Is the pain of mother/sister less when she loses a son/brother than when she loses a daughter/sister?
  2. Men pay 82% of taxes in India and yet in the last 62 years of Indian Independence not a single rupee has been spent for men’s welfare nor a single study ever conducted to study the issues of men. Are Indian men FREE ATM MACHINES?
  3. Whenever a married woman commits suicide, immediately the entire family of husband is thrown into jail without any investigation under the presumption of a dowry death, however, when a married man commits suicide, even after leaving suicide note clearly mentioning the torture underwent at the hands of wife and in-laws, no action is taken by the police unless sustained phone action and activism is done. Why this Gender Bias?
  4. As per a study by Center for Social Research, a Government body, there is only 2% conviction rate in cases filed under Section 498A which means in 98% of cases innocent people have been implicated in dowry cases, unnecessary jailed and made to undergo a cruel and unusual legal procedure. Who is responsible for their precarious condition?
  5. As per NCRB data, in the last 4 years (2004-2007) 123,000 women have been arrested under section 498A without trial or investigation, merely on the basis of a complaint by the wives of their sons/brothers. These arrests are larger in number than the number of women arrested by the barbaric British Government in 40 years!

Hridaya believes that the Indian Family System is under systematic onslaught with the unleashing of unconstitutional, gender obsessed and poorly drafted laws like Section 498A and the Domestic Violence Act and the general apathy of the society towards men and their families. There are vested western agencies spreading false propaganda about victimization of women and furthering draconian laws onto the society to breakdown the family system of India – the backbone of India’s development and progress.

Activities of Hridaya:

  1. Hridaya, under the aegis of the Save Indian Family movement and its allied NGOs all over India like the Save Indian Family Foundation, Save Family Foundation, Indian Family Foundation, Save Family Harmony, etc. will work to create awareness in the society about the misuse of Section 498A, aptly termed as “LEGAL TERRORISM” by the Honorable Supreme Court of India in the landmark judgment Sushil Kumar Sharma vs. Union of India. Hridaya will support victims of Legal Terrorism morally and psychologically and provide guidance and counseling to them to fight against the ongoing legal terrorism in Indian under the veil of “Women Empowerment”.
  2. Hridaya will vouch against unconstitutional, gender obsessed and draconian laws like Section 498A, the Domestic Violence Act, and support men and their families aggrieved by the marital laws by giving them moral and psychological support in the form of guidance and counseling to fight against Legal Terrorism.
  3. Hridaya has launched help lines in West Bengal 98301 51555 and 09437324093, 09040126636f for Orissa  to help men facing marital harassment from their wives and in-laws.
  4. Hridaya conducts regular meetings every Saturday from  4PM on every Sunday at Peace Park (vitoria back gate)

Demands of Hridaya:

  1. Institute a National Commission for Men that can study issues related to men and provide recommendations to the Government.
  2. Form a Men’s Welfare Ministry that will implement the recommendations on behalf of the Government of India and work towards welfare of men.
  3. Abolish all gender biased anti-male laws.
  4. Rationalize the alimony and maintenance laws.
  5. Make Section 498A bailable and non-cognizable.
  6. Let Article 51A(e) of the Constitution of India be amended as: 51A. Fundamental duties. — It shall be the duty of every citizen of India — (e) to promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India transcending religious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities; to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of ‘women and men’ (the clause “and men “at the end be added which does not exist at present)

We request our media friends to help us spread the message of men’s harassment in the society and create awareness about it

Help Line Numbers

98301 51555


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