NCW is a fabulous organization

Very recently the National Commission for Women (NCW), proposed revolutionary recommendations in Section 125 CrPC which deals with maintenance to children, parents and spouse by men. Without going into details, I will cut the crap short by highlighting the gist of the recommended amendments,

A man cannot deny maintenance citing insufficient funds as the reason even if he has to maintain an adulterous wife. It is the duty of a man to maintain his wife irrespective of sufficient means.

Immediately seeing the recommendations, I felt that if we extend the arguments to other areas of life, so many problems can be solved, for e.g.

  1. An email can no longer cite “insufficient bandwidth” as a reason to arrive late in your inbox. It is the duty of an email to reach an inbox irrespective of sufficient bandwidth.
  2. An employer can no longer cite “insufficient funds” as a reason for not giving hike. It is the duty of every employer to give hike to their employees of irrespective of sufficient funds.
  3. Government can no longer cite “insufficient funds” as a reason for not laying down roads. It is the duty of every Govt. to lay down roads irrespective of sufficient means.
  4. A mobile operator can no longer cite “insufficient network” as a reason for not being able to connect mobiles. It is the duty of every mobile provider to connect mobiles irrespective of sufficient network.

And the list continues. However, this was just an illustration of how one recommendation by the NCW has given a way to solve so many other problems we are facing. We need more organizations like the NCW who can recommend such brilliant suggestions to solve daily problems.

Coming back to the original problem, not sparing men of maintenance even if they have insufficient funds can be solved more effectively rather than spreading male hatred. The WCD Ministry gets Rs. 7248 Crores annually for Women Empowerment, however, considering the fact that they consider only ‘wives’ as women, NCW can provide maintenance to wives (even the adulterous ones) by making a trust out of the Rs. 7248 Crores with some suitable name like “Wives Welfare Fund (WWF)” and pay wives (even the adulterous ones) from the interest of the trust.

Also, anyways as 82 % of taxes are paid by men, so the women will anyways get the money of men.

Kudos to NCW for the brilliant suggestion solving so many problems.


One thought on “NCW is a fabulous organization

  1. Sir, you missed 5th point….

    5. Judiciary can no longer cite “insufficient judges” as a reason for not deciding cases. It is the duty of every Court. to decide cases irrespective of sufficient means.

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