Open letter to PM for selection of new NCW Chief

Honorable Prime Minister of India
Dr. Manmohan Singh

Sub: Recommendations on choosing the new chairperson for the National Commission for Women

Honorable Sir,

The primary reason that can be attributed to the phenomenal destruction of the Indian family system in the last 6 years or so it is the militant feminists that have been at the helm at the National Commission for women and the WCD ministry. These women themselves are mostly divorced or spinsters and have never experienced the happiness of a joint family system and as a result do not feel the need for other people to experience the same.

The NCW and WCD ministry has not only on, many occasions quoted false and misleading statistics with no basis for support, but have also never strongly condemned or lobbied for the change of the Draconian and senseless laws IPC section 498A or the Domestic violence act. Instead they have promoted the misuse and when the pressure on them from suffering Indian population was too much for them to bear; they just paid lip service by issuing statements like “60 % of women misuse 498A due to ignorance”. These militant feminists are the sole cause for the 40% divorce rate in Indian cities and the bastardization of the Indian children. These feminists connive with the western aid agencies and want to destroy the closely knit Indian family system and make India a land of divorcees just like the west. With the old NCW chief currently being elected to the parliament there is a need to appoint a new full time chief.

Qualities to be looked at while selecting the new NCW chief

  1. Choose a lady who is not a militant feminist or the wife of a politician. The NCW chief must be a lady of moderate opinions and who wants to listen and then respond to the problems of women of all roles in the family, right from the infant child to the old Mother-in-law. The NCW today offers zero protection to the sister-in-laws and mother-in-laws who are harassed by their brides of the house and hence forth the National Commission for women is also called the National Commission for Wives.
  2. The NCW chief must be a mother, a daughter-in-law, a wife and preferably a grandmother because a woman who has seen such phases of life knows the importance of being in a family. Choosing Spinsters, divorcees or ministers who have themselves misused 498A on their in-laws arresting them in airports will lead to more male-hatred in the country.
  3. The NCW chief must have a heart for Husbands and Males in the country and should not create laws just keeping females in mind. Men make about half of the country and systematically discriminating and ignoring them while making and framing laws for the wives of the country will lead to more unrest and distrust among the male population of Indian towards the Governments agencies.
  4. The NCW chief must work towards protecting the Indian family and try to undo the severe damage the outgoing NCW chief and the ex WCD minister has caused so far. The primary agenda of the NCW must be to treat the family as a cohesive it because women are the safest when they live in a family, not when they live with a protection officer.
  5. The NCW chief must take a strong stand against misuse of the laws and must take time bound steps to eradicate the rampant misuse of the marital laws in the country by unscrupulous women. The exiting marital laws must be made gender neutral so that whosoever commits the crime can be punished irrespective of gender.

Date:                                                                                                                                                                                                 Thanks and Regards
Place:                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Member
Save Indian Family Foundation


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