The Alpha Male Dominated Society

Male Dominated Society! It’s a man’s world! These are the phrases one often hears. They are often used to boost the ego of males that it is your world and you rule the world. But is that the reality or it is only a perception? The same phrases are also used to deny any protection to men, recognize their rights and castrate men emotionally.

But then we do have more men at top, more men running successful business houses, more men in the Government, more men in the bureaucracy, etc. A quick view will always give an impression that men are running the show if we keep looking at only the top. However, a look at the bottom will reveal a completely different picture.

Just the way there are more men at the top occupying top positions, there are more men at the bottom as well. More men commit suicide, more men work for longer hours, more men lose their jobs, more men die younger, more men are killed in road accidents, more men undertake risky and laborious jobs and because of the perception of the so called MALE DOMINATED SOCIETY, these problems of men or men facing these problems are completely ignored or worst, considered as a compensation for men ruling the world.

Looks like a paradox? Well, definitely it is, if we have a homogenous definition of men. However, a keen look will tell us that we cannot have a homogenous definition of men. Since centuries cultures have expected men to exert their physical prowess and don the role of a PROTECTOR and a PROVIDER, undertake the PRIMARY FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Also men were sent to wars and many of them were killed, injured badly and maimed. However, women used to stay back and take care of the home and the children. And the victorious men who returned were supposed to take care of the ‘extra women and children’ – a role well befitting the profile of a PROTECTOR and a PROVIDER.

Years of hardwiring led to two de-facto social memes – Women were respected by default and men had to earn respect. Because of this competition among males every man started to aspire to be a man at the top, however, rules of nature allowed only a ‘few’ men at the top. We can call those ‘few’ men at the top as ALPHA MALES while those aspiring as BETA MALES.

The Positions of the Alpha Males at the top are used by the society and the male-haters to deny the Beta Males their right to life of dignity and peace. And mostly this denial comes from the men at top only. Yes, men are the biggest enemies of men. The Alpha Males are the biggest enemies of Beta Males. It’s the Alpha Males who have designed a system wherein the Beta Males have to earn respect and they keep aspiring for the top positions and keep working for the Alpha Males.

The Alpha Males at the top are so power hungry that they can go to any extent to retain their power. One of their easiest ways to retain their power is to restrain women from entering the top positions. Thus the Alpha Males designed anti-male laws as a concession to women, and at the same time denied protection to Beta Males because it was a Male Dominated World thus giving double concessions to women.

The Alpha Males are surrounded by weak women all around and think that Women should not be allowed to work and put extra pressure on men to work and impose customary primary financial responsibilities on men. Again the Beta Males are castrated emotionally with the bait that it is a Male Dominated World, whereas in reality, it is the Alpha Male Dominated World wherein its only the Alpha Males who dominate the world, dominate the women around, keep harems and the price of the Alpha Male Domination is paid by the Beta Males who face multiple problems like:

  1. Skyrocketing suicides – Every year 57000+ married men are committing suicides (double the number of suicides by married women).
  2. Rampant job loss – In the 5 years period (2001 – 2006) 13, 00,000 men have lost their jobs.
  3. Deaths by Accidents – As per Lancet University’s report 3 times more men die in road accidents than women.
  4. Income Tax Disparity – Men pay 82% of taxes and pay more taxes at the same salary level as compared to women.
  5. Working Place Discrimination – Men work for more hours than women be it in any profession and also face the axe of firing in a recessive market. It’s the Beta Males who are laid off by the Alpha Males in an Alpha Male Dominated Society.
  6. Unsung Heroes – Men are the Protectors of the Country land and also act as Unpaid Bodyguards in the society protecting the women, children and the aged but when it comes to protecting a man – he is left to fend for himself. The De-Facto Protector is left Unprotected.
  7. Domestic Violence – Men face double jeopardy in the family area. First they are victims of false cases of dowry harassment and domestic violence. As per Government records 98% of such cases are false. In 11 years (1996 – 2007) 156,000 husbands have succumbed to Domestic Violence from their wives and in-laws and committed suicide.

In the 62 years of Indian Independence, the Alpha Males at the top of this Alpha Male Dominated World have not spent a single rupee towards men welfare and still they call it the Male Dominated World!!!

In reality, it is the Alpha Males who oppress women thinking they are weak and maintain harems. If we see the past of any Alpha Male like Kamala Haasan (3 wives and 2 girlfriends), M Karunanidhi (3 wives, one illegal), politicians, higher judiciary; almost all of them marry by taking huge dowries. That is the reason they easily believe sob stories of women against their husbands even if the story is out of a standard Harassment Template sans any evidence the Beta Male is punished by the Alpha Male because these Alpha Males keep themselves surrounded by weak women and think that a woman can never harm a man.

In psychology – the Science of all the Sciences – we have a term called the “Stockholm Syndrome” wherein the victim sympathizes with the abuser or the perpetrator of violence and the thought pattern of such a victim is that of a reprieve wherein the victim envisages potential danger of abuse and thanks the abuser for not being ‘so abusive’.

Similarly, psychologists have also suggested the occurrence of what is known as the “Reverse Stockholm Syndrome” which is actually based on the “Principle of Compensation” which states that often in life we compensate for one area in life into other areas which means that wrongs done in life in one area are compensated by wrongs done in other areas.

As I have said earlier, that because of more men at the top, the Alpha Males have a feeling that somewhere due to men, the women have been left behind and these Alpha Males compensate for this feeling by pampering all women around them and in the process end up castrating men. And that is why the price of the Alpha Male Dominated Society is paid by Beta Males.

This is one of the prime reasons why the men’s rights movement is not picking up. It’s the Alpha Males who are now finding their assumed power positions endangered with this concept of men’s rights and victimized men and thus they are the ones who are opposing it the most. Thus, despite data and facts clearly showing the despicable position and disposable situation of men, they, the Alpha Males, are not ready to react and are rather increasing concessions and pampering to women in order to subdue the rising men’s rights movement.

Some recent examples of over-pampering:-

  1. Supreme Court Justice Markenday Katju saying in open court – Bow down before your wives.
  2. Bombay High Court denying divorce to a man saying divorce cannot be granted merely because the wife was quarrelsome and that too they took 14 years to deny justice to the man.
  3. The same Bombay High Court refusing to protect female relatives of men under the Domestic Violence Act.
  4. The DGP of Lucknow ‘sensitizing’ his police to be sympathetic to women who claim they have faced Domestic Violence whereas in reality it’s the men who face domestic violence (suicide statistics clearly enunciate it).

All these reactions are nothing but the insecurity of the Alpha Males getting exposed because now with the concept of “Harassed Husbands” and “Victimized Men” gaining ground, their idea of a male dominated world and thus denying protection to men and not punishing criminal women is going to be challenged drastically.

The very word, “Male Dominated Society” is a misnomer because it is used as a convenient excuse by the society to accept abuse of men and provide protection to victimized men. In reality, it is the Alpha Male Dominated Society where the 1% Alpha Males are dominating the 99% men and women below them just in order to retain their power and in the process they are not only playing with the lives of people but also with the future of the society and the coming generations.

Choice belies with the society – to be dominated by the Alpha Males or to stop dominating the Beta Males.


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