Demanding Men take a day off from work on International Men’s Day 09


Save Indian Family (SIF) movement is a non-funded, self-supported movement and has been formed with a multi-dimensional strategy to form at least 100 NGOs all over India working in the area of Men’s Rights and Welfare. On the International Men’s Day 19th November 2009, SIF is asking all Indian men to take off from work to celebrate the contributions by Men and to protest against the unjust attitude piled upon men in India, inspite of all the contributions and sacrifices given by the men over the years.


India cannot achieve its just place in the world as an independent and a democratic country until men in general and married men in particular are stopped being discriminated against.

Some lesser known areas where men face rampant discrimination are:-

  1. Skyrocketing suicides of men (men in general and married men in particular). Every year close to 80000 men are committing suicides in totality vis-à-vis 36000 women.
  2. Employment. Unemployment rate for men is abnormally high and mostly men are the ones who are laid off from job.
  3. Men pay 82% of taxes in India and still have no budget allocated for their welfare.
  4. Men pay more taxes at the same salary level and educational qualification compared to women.
  5. Men are not protected against rape and sexual harassment, rather are victimized as false abusers.
  6. Men are forced to undertake the most risky and dangerous jobs which leads to loss of life and limb as well.
  7. Men are emotionally castrated from the age of 6 and are discouraged to share their emotions and pain.
  8. Men have not been allowed to shift their identity from that of a PROTECTOR and a PROVIDER since centuries and now expectations from a man have crossed all limits.
  9. There is limit to expectations from a man and no acceptance of the limitations of  a man.

Additionally, the unjust discrimination in the presence of the Indian constitution drives the point that men’s constitutional rights are being infringed and grossly challenged, especially those granted under Articles 14, 15, 20 and 21 of the Constitution of India – the mother of all Indian laws.

  1. Article 21 of the Constitution provides for Right to Liberty, however today one unverified complaint of mental and/or physical harassment from the wife under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code lands a man and his old parents, pregnant sister and minor children behind bars and his Right to Liberty is challenged as neither is any investigation being done to verify the tenacity of the complaint nor evidence is collected to corroborate the allegations.
  2. Article 20 of the Constitution says that no person shall be tried twice for the same offence, however, in marital matters the man and his family face multiple litigations/prosecutions/trials for the same alleged cause of action under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, Domestic Violence Act, Section 125 CrPC (maintenance), Section 24 of the Hindu marriage Act, Divorce case, child custody case etc. These multiple and parallel litigations for same alleged offence clearly and blatantly violates Article 20 of the Indian Constitution.
  3. Article 15 of the Constitution says that for the weaker sections of the society including women and children, the Govt. shall provide for Special Provisions to work for their welfare. Nowhere does it give the Govt. the liberty to formulate special, redundant and gender biased laws against the natural principles of Cardinal Justice. However, the laws mentioned above have been formulated and this practice is in violation of the Article 15 of the Constitution of India.
  4. Article 14 of the Constitution provides for Right to Equality before law. However, in Domestic Violence Act, firstly men are not provided protection against domestic abuse from their wives and in-laws and secondly the complainant woman’s sole testimony is considered as evidence of violation of protection order enough to convict the man. Both these practices do not place men and women at equal footing before the law as men face severe discrimination and their Constitutional right under Article 14 is challenged.

Under such a scenario, the men’s rights NGOs under the aegis of the SIF movement has taken up cudgels India is not a democratic country but a fascist country where arbitrary arresting a particular section of the society is considered as social service. Like the British (unjust rule) left India, unjust discrimination against men has to leave India!

We will fight this injustice and win, it is a lot better for us to fight united this way than fighting individually! Make phone calls or meet your member of parliament demanding them to abolish/amend the unjust laws. Do remember to pass on this message to 5 other people (preferably at-least one person in transportation industry like railways, buses and trucks etc.).

However, please go to work if you work in life saving situations like baby deliveries, surgeries etc.


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