Press Release Announcing National Conference of SIF


Sub: Press Release announcing the National Conference of Save Indian Family movement.

Save Indian Family Foundation – a non-funded NGOs fighting for Men’s Rights and Family Harmony under the aegis of the Save Indian Family movement – is going to take part in the National Meet being convened this 15th-16th August 2009 in Shimla. Around 100 leaders of around 14 different NGOs fighting for awareness of men’s rights will be taking part in the Conference to discuss strategies to take the movement of men’s rights to further levels.

This Conference is second in the series of National Meets being conducted by the NGOs under the aegis of the Save Indian Family movement. Previous Conference was held in Goa last year September 2008. This year the 15th of August – The Independence Day of India has been chosen as the National Meet Day for this year because we have no enthusiasm left to celebrate August 15th as Independence Day, as it will be an insult to all the heroes who sacrificed their lives for this country.

Some facts about this so called Democratic Country:-

  1. Today, there is massive amount of police brutalities and denial of justice in India. People are killed in custody or are driven to death by police. People including women are insulted, abused, threatened and extorted in police stations before being sent to jail without evidence or trial.
  2. This is state sponsored terrorism happening right here in Indian urban metros like Bangalore or Delhi.
  3. There is hooliganism in high court complexes and no actions are taken on criminals and hooligans.
  4. In India, even educated people cannot expect to get justice from courts. So, one can imagine what is happening with uneducated and poor people.
  5. Home Minister P.Chidambaram does not want to do police reforms in spite of such a sorry state of affairs. India is not a free and not a democratic country for its people.
  6. Today, 40 lakh arrests every year in India by police are either unnecessary or unjustified. A criminal is born the day an innocent is arrested. Does the Dr. Manmohan Singh led Indian Government or Shri P.Chidambaram led Ministry of Home Affairs have any accountability? They both are responsible for insulting, abusing and arresting of more than 123,000 women under section 498A of the IPC (the most draconian and misused section of the IPC) in last 4 years.

On one hand Indian Government depends on young people for its high powered economy and yet treats them as sacrificial lambs in police stations and courts.

The judges in India are reluctant to declare their assets to public, where as every bureaucrat and ministers are supposed to do so. Is this democracy? Now, Govt. wants to hide the asset details of the judges from the common people, in a democracy. Though the bill has been opposed in the Parliament, yet it exposes the luxurious autonomy the judiciary is enjoying, being showered upon and protected although its corruption has been rampant.

Estimated corruption in the judiciary is around 2600 crores annually which is a saddening fact because with such rampant corruption it is evident that the fear of punishment has ceased to exist for those who commit crime. Judicial bias, complacency, inefficiency and corruption are directly responsible for skyrocketing crime graph in the society. And even then this so called Democratic Government is hell-bent on shielding the odds of the judiciary.

Democracy is: Government of the people, by the people and for the people. Is the current Government in India truly democratic? Is India a free country, where there is so much police brutality? No.

Indian is not a free and not a democratic country. Just elections every 5 years, do not make a country democratic. If today India is not a free and not a democratic country then what does August 15 celebrations mean?

These celebrations are an insult to all the people, who gave their life for freedom.

SIFF members will be meeting at Shimla on 15th and 16th August to plan for intensifying agitation against hypocrisy, police brutalities, injustice and family breaking by vested interests in India.

SIFF does not want to insult heroes like Subhash Bose, Moulana Azad, Sardar Patel or Bhagat Singh by celebrating August 15th.

This 15th August 2009 begins a second freedom struggle – freedom from servants who have become masters.


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