Project Sita, Protect Surpanakha

As already explained in Gender Arsenal, there is a volley of laws to protect women and the below image of a woman or a similar one is used to get these laws passed for one may wonder that why there are so many laws to protect a woman and none to protect a man.


The answer to this question may be complex and partially answered in Man’s Power Tussle leads to Man’s Struggle, however, the fact remains, there are laws and acts to protect women and even animals, but not men. Worse, there are more laws in the pipeline.

And one such proposed law is the Sexual Harassment Bill (SHB) which aims to ‘protect’ WOMEN from sexual harassment at workplaces. Of late, the women protection laws like the Dowry Harassment law, Domestic Violence law have come under scathing criticism by a group of citizens who have organized themselves into NGOs under the aegis of Save Indian Family and research conducted by Save Indian Family activists has revealed that women are much safer than they are projected in media and in reality it’s the men who are suffering.

Some glaring statistics about men are available at,

  1. Domestic Violence Claims 156,000 husbands
  2. Indian Men – An epitome of Sacrifices

These figures have been never published by the Govt. of India; these are the result of relentless campaigning and research done by Save Indian Family Activists on figures available with Govt. records in the National Crime Records Bureau.

These figures projected a picture in sharp contrast with social perceptions where a woman is always a victim and a man is always a criminal. These figures clearly show the abuse men undergo at the hands of women and die unprotected. It was unearthed by men wronged by dowry laws’ misuse and because the dowry laws and domestic violence laws have no provision to address the misuse, the misuse has been happening to the tune of 98% in these areas. For all practical purposes, these laws cannot be called laws; they are legal unaccountable loose extortion weapons sought to seek revenge and vengeance.

And now, the same masterminds have proposed the SHB, some of the glorious highlights of which are:-

  1. It is based on single judgment by Supreme Court in the Vishakha case.
  2. It is also based on the same Victim Women Criminal Men Syndrome, based on which dowry laws were designed and have led not only to social rampage and devastation of married men, but have also devoured the family system and established the foundations of a fatherless society in India.
  3. It does not have any provision to address misuse.
  4. It is being kept out of the purview of the Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI) – the only tool citizens have in the so called democratic country – India to expose the corruption of Govt. officials.
  5. It is not gender neutral although Men can be harassed sexually.

Now, the obvious question arises is, that when it is a Bill and yet in formulation stages, then how do I have all this information with me. Answer is again RTI. Relentless RTI campaign by our activists spanning months and spelling hours and hours of hard work have resulted in the above synopsis. Detailed RTI is available here.

It is surprising that the SHB is being proposed in its current form even when there is reasonable awareness of,

  1. Misuse of dowry laws (accepted by the Honorable President of India and the Honorable Chief Justice of India)
  2. The fact that men are victims too.
  3. The fact that women can lie too and women can be criminals as well.

In wake of the above situation, not providing a misuse clause, keeping SHB out of the purview of the RTI Act and other glorious features as described above points only to a grim reality of a clear conspiracy theory against men. A conspiracy wherein the photo of Sita is projected to get a gender obsessed law and Surpanakha is encouraged to misuse to law to treat the man as a FREE ATM MACHINE.

By providing the five glorious features as described above, it is clearly evident that Gender Based Radical Extremists and masterminds of Weapons of Male Destruction (WMD) are projecting Sita to get gender obsessed laws and protecting Surpanakha to propagate the misuse to unleash their male hatred. Project Sita, Protect Surpanakha.


6 thoughts on “Project Sita, Protect Surpanakha

  1. WCD clearly says that protection of men is NOT in their mandate. So who would protect men from false cases??

    Ministry recd around 820 pages of comments, subdivided into 5 volumes and made a synopsis of them.

    So if u want ur voice to be heard, keep on writing, mailing, blogging, post hard copies and do Dharnas etc.

    Page 1 to 10 of the scanned document is Page 6 to 15 of Voulme 1 of Comments recd by WCD.Volume 1 is complete.

    Page 11 to 16 of the scanned document is 1,2, 9 to 12 of Voulme 2 of Comments recd by WCD

    Page 17 to 22 of the scanned document is Page 1 to 6 of Voulme 3 of Comments recd by WCD.

    • Unless some man burns his wife/children in public with Media’s Camera, there won’t be any change in law. Our country is ruled by political cowards. Hence they will bother only the Votes and nation wide protest (e.g. Voice against Corruption — Anna Hazard’s Campaign).
      I believe Some should join the Hand with Nuxals and Kill some innocent people in Mass, leaving pamphlets that …THIS IS THE REPLY TO AGINST DISTROYING INNOCENT MEN ON THE NAME OF WOMEN’S PROTECTION.
      and then See the change.
      Manmohan, Chidamram, Pranav will go to rest room and cry.
      Out Holy Caw (P.Patil) will be crying that OH, I AM HIT BY BULL. Now I will take care of all Law victims.
      JAI HIND
      [Unless you bang the door, the Security dog of the our country never wakes-up. Don’t think that dog will bark]

  2. Respected Sir/Madam,
    It is a fact that RTI Act give information [still there are lot of delay, and cost associated {mere Rs.10/- of not suffcient}]

    Okay after all struggle we got information – what can we do with the peace of information – then we have to approach lot of agencies including Quasi-judicial and judicial/Honourable Courts. Getting justice will any way take about 10 to 15 years – still criminals have every chances of escaping.

    RTI Act is no doubt is helpful – but the Act should enable that PIO should be asked to give all informations to CAG/CBI/CVC and Honourable Courts and wherever a case is genuine and complaint is vindicated the authorities must take suo motto. Without this provision RTI Act is ineffective.

    Let me give an classic example of about 5 years still running case. I have filed a complaint with Central Veigilance Commission [CVC]and also provided all information to CAG, CBI.———- CVC registered the case under CVC Ref: 611/05/10. CVC recorded that the complaint is vindicated. CVC in their public domain [web site] updated the status as “ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION HAS BEEN INITIATED”. CVC recorded Ministry of Earth Sciences/NIOT violated codal norms on public procurement and adviced the concerned Ministry to retender the case and disciplinary action should be taken on the Officials responsible for lapses. CVC recorded that repeated negotiation, after the diluting specification, drawing original specification of Scientific Demonstration Vessel called TDV Vessel, estimation are all wrong. CVC also recorded that the statement of the concerned Ministry is against facts. Still CVC kept the case at rest and updated their public domain [web site] with status as “Commission adviced closure of the case”. In the case Government has lost about Rs.400.00 crores because of awarding the contract illegally for TDV Ship building.

    special feature of the case is that Government grant for acquiring TDV Scientific R&D Ship is about Rs.98.00 crores [for ship]plus Rs.45.00 [for scientific package]. specification for the ship has been diluted by reducing super structure, crew accommodation, electric propulstion, change in Noise Standard, configuration and not inspecting the ship on delivery by appointed 3rd party Norway Inspection Agency. If we consider diluted specification the estimate of Rs.98.00 crores has to be brounght down to Rs.50.00 or Rs.40 crores – wherease the concerned Ministry has illegally awarded the contract for Rs.240.00 crores about 5 times higher. Still Ministry contracted with ship WITHOUT SCIENTIFIC PACKAGE – that means concerned Ministry have just acquired an ordinary Cargo Vessel against the grant of Scientific R&D TDV Vessel.

    CVC/CAG/CBI are aware the extent of damages suffered by Government – but the case is kept at REST [deep sleep]

    In these type of public interest case what way RTI Act can help to wake-up the sleeping government agencies.

    ALL INFORMATION pertaining to this case can be obtained under RTI Act from The Public Information Officer, Central Vigilance Commission, Delhi – quoting CVC Ref: 611/05/11 – but what will we do with all the information?

  3. Good Analysis! Maybe you can create a gif image that continously shows Image of Surpanakha and Sita replacing one other and it may be more visually powerful to drive home the point. With Sita, place a question mark and with surpanakha, exclamation at the end.

  4. Hello, You put that in a way that many people cant. Which is in a impartial and informative opinion. Its posts like this that make blogs and websites still worth reading! If you get a chance, do you think you could return the favor with some thoughts about my site free government grants for women? I realize that it isnt about the same as yours, but Im trying to get some opinions from various people.Thanks!,

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