Why the system loves breeding crime?

Before talking on the topic at hand and the theme contained therein, I will talk about a movie titled “Newyork” which I happened to watch recently. A brief outline about the movie is given:

Newyork is a movie about 3 Muslim friends who happened to study in the New York State University (NYSU) and at the end of their college tenure in NYSU, 9/11 happens which changes their lives forever. Post 9/11 the security of the States was not only a question but a big concern for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and it was under huge pressure to nab the people responsible for 9/11.

It shows how post 9/11 the FBI merely on the basis of suspicion had hauled up 1200 men into the Detention Centers (DC) designed by the FBI to ‘interrogate’ terror suspects. Although the internals of these DCs were kept highly secret giving security and severity of the incident of 9/11 as the reason, the secret had created an intellectual black hole about the functioning of these DCs and had the Human Rights Organizations (HRO) up in arms against them.

Some of the reasons the way prisoners were treated in these DCs that had irked the HROs were:-

  1. 1. People, merely on the basis of suspicion, were hauled up inside the DCs and subjected to inhuman torture.
  2. 2. They were denied a lawyer or any trial and subjected to barbaric punishment at the behest of the FBI.
  3. 3. They used to beaten up mercilessly whole night.
  4. 4. They were not allowed to urinate as well and were forced to pass on their waste in the cranked metal cell they forced to live in.
  5. 5. Their faces used to be tied up in sacks and the FBI personnel inside used to urinate on them and leave them in that condition all night.

After some months the people were released due to lack of evidence. But the inhuman torture they underwent unnecessarily merely on the basis of a suspicion, fueled by a presumption propelled by a mass hatred against Muslims, turned the innocent citizens into dissidents and rebels and they started getting organized to operate ‘sleeper cells’ which used to work against the Government to spread terror.

Due to the threat cast on the security of the US by 9/11, FBI spunk into action and in order to justify its stand against terrorism, hauled up innocents and subjected them to inhuman and barbaric torture to justify their illegal detention in order to extract ‘information’. This process in turn led to transformation of the innocents who lost all trust on the system and became dissidents. And these dissidents in turn, became a terror threat to the country. The atrocities of the system allegedly designed to contain terror became breeding grounds for the same.

Most of the systems function similarly. They have grown so large and hauled up so many expenses at the cost of the public exchequer that they are in a constant fix to justify their existence. And the systems go to any level to justify their existence. The simplest way to justify their existence is to have a plethora of problems in the society so that they can say that they are needed to solve the problems.

However, societies rarely go into the root cause of the creation of problems. If there are dissident who are working to create disturbances in the system, then it is pertinent to do a root cause analysis (RCA) of the creation and propagation of the problems.  Every year we get articles in the media crying about soaring rate of crime and putting pressure on the police and the judiciary to perform and reduce the rate of crime.

And we also get articles in the media about the corruption of the police and the judiciary and the inefficacy of the judiciary and the inefficiency of the police. These articles create a pressure on the system to perform and an illusion on the society that a huge and humungous system is needed and public exchequer’s money has to be utilized.

However, what the society does not know is that the system loves crime and criminals. They are properly protected and pampered by the system (indirectly) wherein the justification for corruption comes in. And this corruption has given an unasked for intrusion of organized crime and criminals into the system who are helping breed more crime by designing the system such that it is very easy to trap innocents but very difficult to nab criminals.

One of the obvious instances of such a behavior is abuse and extortion of men and their families in false dowry harassment cases and false cases under Domestic Violence Act. The system is well aware that these laws are easily ‘misusable’ and are misused in reality to the totality as well. These laws are used as an extortion tool to treat men as FREE ATM MACHINE. And it is not that the system is oblivious to the misuse. The system here traps innocent men, merely on the basis of a suspicion (raised by a false complaint by their wives against them), fueled by a presumption propelled by a mass hatred against men in general and husbands in particular.

The system is well aware of the misuse and despite being confronted on it, feigns ignorance and allows it to continue despite drawing flak. It is quite obvious the system draws incentives and concessions from the misuse. The most obvious incentive is a cut of the extortion, extorted by filing a false case against the man and trapping him.

However, that is a very short term for the system and works more for the individuals of the system rather than, for the system per se. The system as a whole and its stakeholders has a lot to gain from the misuse. The more the misuse, the more families break which leads to more consumerism as joint families disintegrate to nuclear families and nuclear families degrade to shattered families. Also the setback of a breakup leads to increased psychological spending.

In a nutshell, broken families lead to more consumerism, which leads to increased cash flow which in turn, leads to a boost in economy and corporates are the direct beneficiary of this boosted economy who gain a better position to empower the system and further deepens the roots of the system. Broken families also lead to increased degradation of culture and enhanced frustrations in the society, a further enhancement of the justification for such a huge and humongous system to exist.

Moreover, it also gives a reasonable explanation to the system to be slow that the load is quite huge and thus the system can’t help but be slow.

Hence we see that it is all a vicious circle and the system gains immensely from being slow, inept, inefficient and breeding crime. There is no rocket science involved here. Bring the system to such a state that it becomes virtually impossible to trust the system and to get any work done, the overhead involved should be high. Such an agreement will automatically breed problems in the society and the justification for the existence and growth of the system will be self-feeding.

Also, as I cited the example of false dowry cases, allowing itself to be used as a tool to earn money, it attracts criminal minded women to misuse the provision against their husbands even if it breaks their families since it satisfies their material desires of money. And the system by allowing itself to be used as a tool of false cases, it creates an atmosphere where falsely framed men find it very de-motivating and frustrating to fight for their innocence because the system (with its powers) will plague the path of the fighter men with so many obstacles so that ultimately most of the men give up.

Those men who are framed falsely and pay up, decide that next time they get married they are definitely going to take dowry and the girl’s side, also since they have paid up, find it difficult to break the marriage as the man will then use the same money to fight the case. This leads to increase in the practice of dowry and those men are never framed. Whereas innocent men who used to despise dowry are framed and made to believe that unless they take dowry they stand the risk of a false dowry case.

Here also, the system is breeding the crime of dowry. Again since RCA is rarely done and numbers are taken as reflective of the social situation, the dowry laws are also never amended (despite being heavily misused) as huge numbers of cases (albeit false) give an impression that dowry is a big problem for the society. Again here, the system gets a chance to lay an iron hand on dowry accused and make them crumble to pay and no one questions them as they have the background support of ‘True Lies’ to protect them for the stand taken howsoever, immoral.

This is just one example wherein I have shown how the system works to create more crime in the society (albeit in the background); however this is merely illustrative and not exhaustive of the fact that SYSTEM BREEDS CRIME. There are many such areas where the system actually works to breed crime and not eradicate it. More crime helps the system grow, maintain and sustain itself without being questioned much. Obviously the system has a very valid (albeit non-righteous) reason to support and breed crime.


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