TOI supports murderer wife, justifies her crime

Another report by the TOI justifying a crime by a woman. Well after murdering her husband, what does TOI expect the murderer will say, “I did it for fun!!”
It is quite obvious she is going to justify her murder and put up some allegation on the dead husband. But it is shameful on part of TOI to support a criminal just because she happens to be a woman.
It is because of such pampering that women are committing more and more crime and getting away with it as well.
If she was really harassed for dowry, what was stopping her from launching a 498A complaint, as it is 498A cases are easier than ordering a pizza on phone.
How do we not know that she was torturing him for his money, property and forcing him to separate from his family and when could not control him, killed him in a cold-blooded fashion?
Why does TOI need to take her version at all? A murderer’s version? How many husbands accused of spousal murders are interviewed by TOI.
TOI needs to understand that “JUSTIFICATION OF CRIME IS A BETRAYAL of Justice

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AURANGABAD: Hell indeed hath no fury than a woman scorned. A farmer was set ablaze by his wife barely a month into their marriage because of his incessant comparison of her with a woman friend.

In her confession to the police, the wife, Komal alias Manisha (18), said she killed her husband, Srihari Yadav (25), because of his frequent taunts that she was not as beautiful as his woman friend
from Pune. He also allegedly threatened to abandon her as she had not brought a good dowry amount.

The couple lived at Kesapuri village in Beed district, about 150 km from here. They were married on May 7 and had fixed the ‘suhaag raat’ for June 8, the very day the husband was set ablaze.

Speaking to TOI, assistant police inspector (API) Dhanraj Gavhane of the Pimpalner police station said Komal broke her silence to the police on June 10 after they took her into confidence. She said her husband would complain that she was too thin and that he did not even feel like looking at her. Each time, he would threaten to dump her for the “attractive” girl from Pune, whom he had met while staying at his relatives’ place there when in search of a job.

Gavhane said that the couple had visited a few religious places after their marriage. “Around 9.30 pm on the ‘suhaag raat’, they went to their kitchen-cum-bedroom.

Barely half an hour later, the other family members saw Komal rushing out and smoke billowing from the room. The family found a gagged Srihari lying on the floor with his hands and legs tied and flames engulfing his body. He had already sustained about 80 per cent burn injuries and died at the Beed civil hospital the same night,” he said.

Komal refused to speak about the incident for two days thereafter. Finally, on June 10, she told the cops that she had murdered her husband.

“Komal said that when they went to their bedroom, Srihari said he would sleep on the floor rather than share the bed with her. He said he was tired after working in his father’s fields and asked Komal to tie his legs with a rope to ease the pain, which she did. As soon as he fell asleep, Komal took another rope and tied his hands and also gagged him. She then poured kerosene on him and set him ablaze,” he said.



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