SIF Spreads a ray of hope

Written by Arnab Ganguly

Save Indian Family Foundation“. This is a name which few people would have heard or cared about 4 years back, but today this is a force to reckon with. The membership has reached Lakhs in both India and abroad and most members consist of well heeled educated Men and their families. SIF also has a huge number of women followers and they consists of sisters, mothers, sister- in –laws, grandmothers and also unrelated women. These women are members because they too have been falsely victimized by India’s wife protection laws. The men of SIF believe that it is their duty to protect the women of their families from the extortionist wives, corrupt police and biased judiciary.

In the last 150 days SIF has been mentioned in the media for more than 60 days or in other words 60 different articles of SIF are published in the media. If every article has been read by at least 100,000 people then about 8 million people would have known or heard about SIF and that is something to be proud of.

We believe in the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and we get our inspiration from this great man, we believe in his words

“First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win “.

Supreme court Justice Markenday Katju still seems to be in the second stage where he still believes that Men are something to be exploited and mocked, but in other areas we are well into the third stage where we are waging a war against many fronts. We wage a war against the biased laws in India which are created only for wives and do not think about the welfare of other women, leave alone the men. We fight against the biased judiciary which teats men with disdain and pass judgments which are totally stacked against men no matter who is at fault. We also fight against the blatant number fudging that is done by the Women’s organizations to come up with sensational false numbers in order to get media attention and attract more foreign funds, with which they can push for more gender biased laws and also justify the existence of the current biased laws. We also actively wage a war against corruption in the Police department and Crime Against Women cells because these places have becomes an extortion den where compromises are forced on husbands and money is extorted from the helpless husband and his family after trapping then under a biased law.

SIF is aware the odds stacked against it, it knows very well that media and industry would love to see more families break up, because family breakup increases spending and drives up the demands for the goods and products. A united family will own one TV while a dived family will need two is the simple reasoning. The Police and lawyers do not want the laws to change , because then they will lose their income from the Lakhs of false marital cases , bail proceeding from dowry cases and the general ability to extort money from helpless people implicated under these laws . Women’s organizations also do not want gender neutral laws since they would then have to close their ‘Women’s right shop ‘ and be out of business , since they would not be able to get foreign aid in the name of Woman empowerment.

But SIF knows it will win, because SIF is on the same side as truth is and we believe that “Truth Always Wins” (Satyamev Jayate). SIF many not have the blessings of the government of India, but we do have the blessings of thousands of senior citizens, mothers, grandmothers and sisters who work and fight with us day in and day out trying to wake up the and educate the slumbering Indian populace. SIF has the support of hundreds of small but nevertheless important NGO’s who work with us to spread the word on how gender biased laws and help drive a grass roots movement at every town and city. We know we will win and we will succeed in creating a Ministry for the Welfare of Indian Men. We know that the night is darkest before the sun shines and the SIF has no doubt that the sun will shine and spread the rays of hope , peace and family harmony that will keep the Indian family as a cohesive unit for the next ten thousand years.


One thought on “SIF Spreads a ray of hope

  1. iam a medical profesional and writing to you with alot of hope for the right guidance .i have been victimised 2yrs back under the same draconian law. ihave spent 27 days in prison and my family was also victimised. i was given bail only after a compromise petition was reached wherein my wife and her family decided that she wants to come back in my family and my family members who were negotiating agreed , as the police and judiciary was totally under there control. The charges were proved as false on subsequent hearing as we were fortunate to have a good sincere judge. my wife had no remorse for her actions and has been with a strange behaviour all throughout the last 2 and a half yrs we are married , where in her major intentions are always to paint me black, in front of my and her family . i am really fed up now. she has again been misbehaving very badly for the last few days and i have been requesting their family members to have a dialogue and sort this out , which they have agreed.I want to know is there any way i could take some pre emptive steps so that me and myfamily do not get victimised again.

    my parents are very old and they have lost all jest for living since these things have happened with me . I am leading a very dsiturbed life. whenever her behavior is good i make sure that we have a good time, but i am losing my patience as inspite of all the efforts she still does not visit my parents house and has no respect for the in laws family.

    I would be grateful if you could guide me to any of ur associates who can help me . we do not want any action to be taken against them , but i do want to ensure that none of us get victimised again.i will be also helped if you could guide me as to how to live with such wives.


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