SC raps Karnataka Police

The Supreme Court has rapped Karnataka police for letting the kidnapped child of an NRI scientist slip away in Feb and has given it three months time to trace the child.

Aditya, the son of an NRI scientist Dr Ravi Chandran, has been kidnapped by his mother Vijayasree Voora. Ravi Chandran has been searching for his son from two years. The SC order states: “As a last chance, the State of Karnataka, particularly the Director General of Police, Karnataka, is directed to take appropriate steps to trace the child. A copy of this order be sent to the Chief Secretary, State of Karnataka.”

Vijayasree Voora was found in a lodge in Rajajinagar on Feb 17 with Aditya. Though Bangalore cops found the mother and child at the lodge, for some reason they did not take them into custody. Chandran requested the cops to keep the duo with them till he arrived in Bangalore from Hyderabad with all legal documents. Before he landed in Bangalore, the cops allowed Vijayasree to escape. An angry Chandran then knocked on the Supreme Court’s doors.

Ravi Chandran is a pharmaceutical scientist based in the USA for the past 30 years. He met Vijayasree, an IT professional and a green card holder, in 2000 at a function in Indiana. They fell in love and married in Tirupati. But their marriage turned sour after Aditya’s birth in 2002. They divorced in 2005. As per a US court’s directions Chandran paid Vijayasree Rs 1 crore as a one-time settlement and agreed to pay Rs 1 lakh per month as child support. The court allowed Aditya to stay 20 days with his mother and the remaining 10 days with Chandran.

However, Chandran says Vijayasree developed psychological problems and was not able to take care of Aditya. In August 2006, Chandran sought the court for Aditya’s complete custody. In June 2007 a US court granted his request. But Vijayasree requested the court permission to take Aditya for a month to India. The court granted her plea and directed her to return Aditya on August 3, 2007. That was the last Chandran saw Aditya. The family court in New York and the Chennai High Court have issued arrest warrants against Vijayasree. The FBI has issued a look-out notice for her. Chandran believes Vijayasree is hiding in India.


One thought on “SC raps Karnataka Police

  1. Thank you very much for your interest in rescuing Aditya. I also thank child rights activists, including Mr. Kumar Jaghirdar of CRISP India for his unrelenting interest in rescuing Aditya.

    Many other child rights organizations have expressed concern over the recent Supreme Court of India Judgement on Aditya’s case.

    Please review the news article published in Mail Today dated Nov 21, 2009, page 12. I am pleased to see that NGO’s like National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, India Alliance for Child Rights, and HAQ Centre for Child Rights are doing everything possible to bring the unfortunate situation stated below out in the open and help children of India, some of whom are abused and underprivileged.

    I would like to point out certain misconceptions and misunderstanding in the media and public at large about Aditya’s case. Fortunately, Aditya’s case is over, but for thousands of other children in his situation, the nightmare continues.

    The article says that My son, Aditya Chandran was allowed to voice his opinion in front of the 3-judge panel of Honourable Justices Tarun Chatterjee, R.M. Lodha and Dr. B.S.Chauhan on November 10 and again on November 12th. I was present in the court on those days, so are the counsels, newspaper reporters and other court officers.

    Aditya told the 3-judge panel, that…”My father is a bad man..” on November 10, 2009 and again on November 12th he said “he likes India”. Now the question is, why did he utter such appalling words?

    When Aditya made those statements, Honourable Justice Tarun Chatterjee and other Justices were visibly displeased, and in no uncertain terms told the counsels for Vijayasree that they even had the courage to put up poor Aditya in front the judges, as he was thoroughly coached by his mother.

    Please note that Vijayasree Voora, who is a fugitive of the law, dodged police from numerous Indian states, and was finally secured by the CBI on October 24, 2009 and presented in Supreme Court of India. During this 30 month ordeal, she ran all over India with no regard for the safety and security of Aditya. Further during that period, Vijayasree has been coaching Aditya that….”see your father does not love you, he didn’t even come to see you…”. She had been making these false statements to Aditya on his birthdays and other religious holidays. Unfortunately Aditya didn’t have any independent confirmation of any of the statements made to him by his mother, as he could not contact me as I was completely cut off from his life by his mother.

    It has been concluded by the psychologists that poisoning the mind of a young child by one parent against the other left out parent is one of the most brutal form of child abuse. It is very unfortunate that Aditya had to undergo this type of treatment in his own mother’s hands for the past 30 months.

    All allegations levelled against me by Vijayasree Voora has be thoroughly investigated by the NY family court in Albany NY. After investigating the abuse allegations, the supreme Court of India sided with the NY family court. The 3-judge panel of the Supreme court of India has declared that all allegations by Vijayasree against me are hollow and without any substance (Page 31, Judgement for Writ Petition CRL No. 112/2009 dated November 17, 2009). Two different supreme courts in two different countries has declared that all allegations of Vijayasree against me are false and baseless. One must give proper respect to the Supreme Court honourable Judges, and not upset and question the 3-judge panel decision from the highest court of the land after thorough deliberations.

    A mother who is willing to poison the mind of a very young child is not in the best interest of the future of the child. This is clear from the verdict given by the Supreme Court of India. Vijayasree is the one responsible for abusing the child by not having him stability of school and enjoy fellowship of other children (Page 33 or the Supreme Court Judgement for Writ Petition CRL No. 112/2007). The supreme court has also concluded, based upon the behaviour of the mother, that …”there is nothing on record which may even remotely suggest that it would be harmful for the child to be returned to his native country…” (Page 32, Judgement for Writ Petition CRL No. 112/2009 dated November 17, 2009)

    While Aditya is safe now, I am very much concerned about thousands of Indian Children, whose young minds are poisoned by custodial parent against the other non-custodial parent. Most of these cases, the child is completely cut off from the other parent, and love and affection from the non-custodial parent are with held. I am hoping the Child Rights activists bring an end to this brutal form of child abuse happening every day in India.

    I am pleased that Mail Today has started a healthy arguments about right of children of India to be heard in the Supreme Court of India. It is also clear that honourable justices of the court are not interested in hearing from children who are coached and poisoned by their mother (or father) against the other parent. This is a good day for all those children who deserve affection and love from both parents.

    I love my son Aditya, and I am looking forward to spend time with my beloved son. I am hoping that he will grow up to be a very happy and healthy individual and an outstanding citizen. God bless Aditya.
    Sincerely, Dr. V. Ravi Chandran, Father of Aditya Chandran.

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