Renuka Sans Ministry, SIFF celebrates

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Despite her defeat in the general elections from Khammam seat from Andhra Pradesh, but being one of the prominent women faces in the Congress Party, former Union Minister of Women and Child Development, Renuka Choudhary, guesses were making rounds of her being included in the portfolio this time as well.  But when in yesterday’s swearing-in ceremonies, her name did not appear in the list, there were some organizations in the city that had a reason to celebrate the event. On trying to know the reason, it came to light, as per the members of the organization that in Renuka’s tenure, torture and atrocities on men had skyrocketed.

Men’s Rights NGO, Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), was one of those organizations. As per foundation member, Virag, Renuka has not only completely failed to curb incidents of Domestic Violence, but also when apprised of the rising torture of men due to misuse of Domestic Violence Act, she failed to take any action to bring down the misuse as well.

National Crime Records Bureau statistics tell us that in 2007, 57593 married men became victims of Domestic Violence. As per Virag, these men take recourse to suicides having no respite. As per Foundation President, Pandurang Katti, dowry harassment under Section 498A of the IPC and the Domestic Violence Act are being heavily misused and a lot of men are being falsely implicated in these cases. He adds, Renuka’s remark that, “It’s time for men to suffer now”, has led to the torture and atrocities on men. As per him, in the four years tenure of Renuka, 123,497 women and close to 500,000 men have been arrested on false dowry harassment charges, merely on the basis of a complaint, without trial or investigation.

President of NGO CRISP, Kumar Jahgirdar told that he received a lot of smses about Renuka losing elections and being kept out of ministry from all over India wherein people expressed their happiness over the defeat of Renuka Choudhary. It was not that only men smsed; even women did participate in smsing.


8 thoughts on “Renuka Sans Ministry, SIFF celebrates

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  2. i agree with ganesh,

    Death of one femisit is not sufficient, our own mother and sister should form the group , and start banning such female in politics. Each and every Femist , declare them names on our bloges,declares there constituency, and make aware to public by showing there black faces agst commen mens. she want to kill all indian son’s under law. she from her hearts want all the males of society should leave like begger after loosing home, money,children,parents. decades and decades men’s proves there ability to lead the home, our joint family had special space in india and worldwide. this is only reason we face less reession compair to world. joint family is the onlly good family system. but this Piggy Bitch RE==ka created Law to break them and made compulsary to spend the life alone without family , she puts knife in joint family. she and alike her mentality any person should loose the each and every election. we are not against any party , we are against each and every feminst , who had taken away our right to live peacefully under the name of LAW.

  3. do same things for Girija vyaas, indira jaisigh. Those who support the Domestic violance Law and such more laws. spread such names , we will plan there defeat in there constituency by putting all our effort. we have to do that for better future of indian men. this is ther serive for true commando.

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