Press Release celebrating the defeat of Renuka Choudhary


Sub: SIFF Celebrating defeat of Renuka Choudhary in general elections.

Activists of Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) have decided to celebrate as Union Minister for Women and Children Renuka Choudhury lost her parliamentary seat with a huge margin of 124448 votes and left communist parties got decimated.

For last 4 years, SIFF conducted many Dharnas across cities India, where our slogan was, “Renuka Choudhury. Hai Hai. Hai Hai”.

As a woman and children’s minister Renuka Choudhury was responsible for arrest of 123,497 women under section 498a of IPC without investigation or evidence. All the cries of these innocent women had no impact on her. In an interview to Karan Thapar after passing of Protection of Women under Domestic Violence Act, Renuka Choudhury has asserted, “It’s the men’s turn to suffer now”, which is pure hate speech against a particular gender.

Renuka Choudhury did nothing being a minister for children and women except seeking media attention with her loud mouth. She went to the other extreme by calling for “Pub Bharo” in response to attacks on pub going youngsters by right wing extremists.

With her loss, the writings on wall are very clear. The extremists are wiped out, whether they are right wing extremists, left wing extremists or feminist extremists. It is also to be noted that Left party leaders like Brinda Karat and Left organization AIDWA opposed any attempts to make section 498a bailable and compoundable. The loss of Renuka Choudhury and decimation of left parties shows that extremists and nuisance makers have no place in Indian politics.

SIFF members celebrate the defeat of Renuka Choudhary as the beginning of the end of radical gender extremism in India and an onset towards a sane society where Domestic Harmony and not Domestic Violence is the call of the day and everyone is respected irrespective gender caste or creed. SIFF members in Bangalore had organized a get together meet on Sunday in Koramangala area to celebrate Choudhary’s defeat.

It is time Rahul Gandhi prevails upon the Government to continue the good governance, with immediate implementation of Judicial reforms and police reforms. There cannot be good governance, when courts are dysfunctional and police extorts and fails to do its duty. With judicial reforms, the harassment of people running around courts will reduce. With trust of judiciary increasing, fear of law by the criminals and corrupt will increase and this in turn will improve overall health of the society.


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