Husband harassed by dowry

Original Article

Translated Version:

Jaipur: It’s been the wives who have been at the receiving end of the dowry harassment for decades together. However, contrary to the popular notion, a young man has filed a petition in the court alleging that his wife and in-laws are harassing him and conspiring against him by giving him dowry. Taking cognizance of the complaint filed by C-Scheme resident ChandraBadan Sharma, a competent city court passed orders on Tuesday for registering a case.

11th Judicial Magistrate, Jaipur city has forwarded the complaint to Ashoknagar Police Station, asking the Police Inspector to register the case, investigate and submit a report in the court. ChandraBadan has made his father-in-law Satyanarayan Purohit, mother-in-law Pushpa Purohit, brothers-in-law Kapil and Vikas Purohit in addition to his wife Ritu as accused in the complaint, all of whom are residents of Dausa. Despite his strong refusal to accept any article from his in-laws in marriage, held in 2006, his in-laws were offering him dowry articles which the complainant ChandraBadan flatly refused, argues his lawyer Ashwini Bohra.

After some days of marriage, the in-laws went to the complainant’s house and kept the dowry articles there. Later his in-laws started pestering him to transfer his father’s property in Ritu’s name and stay separate. His in-laws have hatched a criminal conspiracy to give ‘dowry articles’ to him which is a crime as per Section 3, Dowry Prohibition Act.

On the other hand, wife Ritu has also lodged cases of dowry harassment and domestic violence implicating ChandraBadan and his family members.


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