Cong too pro-women?

Bangalore: At least, that’s what men’s rights activists think. In fact, they are even asking people not to vote for the party’s candidates  

A group of men’s rights activists staged a dharna near Mahatma Gandhi statue yesterday asking people not to vote for the Congress.

The reason for their protest is that they feel that the party is “too pro women.” They believe men are being exploited by the Congress.  Through the Domestic Violence Act, the Congress party has incited a woman versus woman war, and the price is paid by Indian men,” said Virag Dhulia of Save Indian Family Foundation.
They allege that the Congress never herd their plea. “Inspite of the Supreme Court terming the Misuse of Section 498A as ‘Unleashing of a new Legal Terrorism on innocent husband’s family’ and Domestic Violence Act as ‘one of the most clumsy drafted law’, the Congress led UPA government has not taken any corrective action and the entire family of husbands is suffering today because of that,” said Kumar Jahgirdar of Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting.

The Bangalore based foundation has started their campaign against the Congress throughout the country. 
“Our Delhi and Pune members have already distributed pamphlets and are asking people not to vote for the party. We at Bangalore have designed our pamphlet and will distribute them soon. Besides, we have also been sending emails and have put up the appeal on our various websites and blogs,” said Virag.

The group claims that they are confident that their votes are huge enough to defeat the Congress. “Men harassed by misuse of women’s law amount to two per cent of the total votes in the country. If these people do not vote for the Congress, there will be a spin at the government formation,” he said.

The group has no problem if the people vote for any party other than the Congress. “Vote for any party, but not for congress and give a clear message that anti-husband, anti-men, anti-family and anti-child law and policy will not be accepted in this country by political party.

Don’t vote!
>>All-India Milli Council has also asked its members to vote for secular parties.
>>The Catholic Church has asked its members not to vote for parties that don’t uphold secularism.
>>Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC), has asked its members not to vote for those who preach atheism.
>>Hindu organisations have been asking people not to vote for those who don’t support the Hindutva cause.


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