A Voice for men

Politicians beware! Battered men, who no longer wish to be bullied by women misusing laws such as the Domestic Violence Act (DV Act) and the 498A for personal gains, are back with a vengeance and it looks like they mean business this time around. “We have decided to get together and take active part in the election campaigning process this year,” says Suresh of the Save Indian Family Foundation, a non-governmental organisation working to save Indian families from being broken. 
    “We decided to campaign because we re
alised that political parties are trying to create a gender divide by creating a women’s vote bank. They have been turning a blind eye to issues concerning men,” he says with conviction and cites the recent case of a techie called Syed Makhdoom, who committed suicide in Bangalore after being separated from his son by his wife. 
    “Syed’s case is not a one off incident. In the last few years, suicides by men have gone up as have 
false cases against them,” he claims. “We are demanding a separate ministry for the welfare for men. Also, we want the DV act to be made gender neutral. At the moment, the DV act prescribes punishment only for men. It goes without saying that any party willing to back us will receive our support. We will campaign for such parties. We have been sending mails to political parties in this regard,” Suresh says. 
    Talking about his organisation’s campaign in certain other parts of the nation, Suresh claims, “On the net, we have already put out 300 blogs and more are to follow. At the field level, we intend to distribute flyers and conduct rallies.” He adds, “In Delhi, our campaign is 
going strong. In Nagpur, we conducted two rallies. Chennai is in the last phase of elections. So, we are just beginning our campaign here.” 
    Kumar Jahgirdar of CRISP, an organisation working to the protect the rights of chil
dren and that is working along with SIFF in this regard, points out that their campaign, though small, might be able to make a difference, nevertheless. 
    “We might not be able to create a big impact but even a small change can prove crucial,” he says. 
    Ask Jahgirdar for approximately the number of people they hope to reach out to and he says it is difficult to say. “On the net, a blog is read by so many people. 
And it is difficult to gauge the kind of impact theyhave. But we do intend to create an awareness,” he says hopefully.A 


2 thoughts on “A Voice for men

  1. I really don’t have the slightest idea on violence against men in your country and the way the law is,

    But I can tell you that men in the USA are feeling it on every side, even the judical system against men.the laws are bias against men.

    Women will start a fight call the police and the man gets arrested even if he jas cuts to show, to make matters worst, if the man calls the police some will ask the man to leave the house even though he is the victim.

    It is terible, just recently some groups in Haiti brazenly started a female only food distribution and guess what men are in agreement with it.

    I jhabve just started set up website which caters for abuse men


    I just hope men will support it.


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