Families in false dowry cases and marital problems call to “Divorce Congress”


Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), Bangalore, the single largest NGO working towards the cause of Family Harmony, Gender Equality and Men’s Rights announces a flash dharna at the Gandhi Statue, M.G. Road, Bangalore tomorrow on 19th Apr. 09 to bring public awareness of the serious problems faced by the Indian husbands and their families owing to many anti-family legislations that have been introduced in the last three decades.

In the last four years alone, over 1,23,497 women have been arrested under IPC Section 498A alone, without any evidence or investigation, not for committing any crime under law, but only because they were related to a man. Noted women’s rights activist Madhu Kishwar acknowledged that IPC Section 498A is heavily misused, and that a significant proportion of individuals who approach “Manushi” these days are mothers-in-law and husbands who are falsely accused of marital cruelty and dowry harassment. Renowned IPS officer Kiran Bedi admitted that many poor and illiterate mothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, who are falsely charged under anti-dowry laws, are languishing in prison every year.

Inspite of The Honorable Supreme Court terming the Misuse of Section 498A as “Unleashing of a new Legal Terrorism on innocent husband’s family” and Domestic Violence Act as “one of the most clumsily drafted law”, the Congress led UPA government has not taken any corrective action and the entire families of Indian husbands are suffering today because of that. This is an extreme case of “bad governance” by Congress party.

  • Congress wants to divide the country based on gender and it wants to show itself as a savior of women for Vote Bank politics. In reality, Congress is most insensitive and brutal towards women of this country. Congress arrested over 1,23,497 women in last 4 years without investigation or evidence in last 4 years. Even pregnant women were not spared.
  • This shows how selfish and insensitive Congress is towards women and children, even though the Chief of Congress is a woman.
  • Divorce has sky-rocketed during Congress rule, as this party provided special incentive for women to file divorce and marry multiple times.
  • Congress has used hate speech. A Congress Cabinet Minister Renuka Choudhury says,” it’s time for Men to suffer”. That is hate speech and this minister was given ticket to contest elections.
  • Congress did not implement judicial reforms which were recommended in 2003. As a result, the divorce cases are increasing rapidly while there are no courts to handle these cases. That is extremely poor governance as young people’s lives are hung standstill in the middle.
  • Congress passed many bills in parliament without debate or discussion. This includes the Domestic Violence against women bill. Congress denied the protection to old women if they are harassed or thrown out of house by their daughters-in-law by making last minute changes in the law.
  • This shows Congress does not believe in democracy, otherwise why it will pass bills without discussions on finer-print?
  • Home Minister Shivaraj Patil and Women and Child Minister Renuka Choudhury were the most incompetent of all ministers. Renuka Choudhury did not make any provisions in law for prevention of abuse of children. She did nothing for Children. The only thing she’s interested in is media attention using her loud mouth.
  • Small Children are worst sufferers when there is a divorce or separation as they are cut off suddenly from one parent, in case of marital problems.
  • Thousands of children got separated from their fathers or mothers for prolonged periods starting from few months to many years due to Congress neglecting family courts, while it promoted rampant divorce everywhere in India. The damage Congress caused to the future generations is enormous.
  • Family Harmony is an election issue even in the United States. People there do not tolerate any party that promotes divorce and is insensitive to children. Barack Obama himself spent lot of time in his campaign talking about problem of children living with only one parent. But Indian Congress Party entirely neglects this issue. No Congress party leader has ever talked about family harmony as immediate need for Indian society. It is not even in their manifesto.
  • We are in no mood to forgive Congress for its insensitivity and bad governance, especially in the area of family harmony and family courts.
  • Congress has been a slave of foreign forces, which are pumping money into India to destroy our family system with lies and false statistics.
  • We also urge other political parties not to support Congress and abet “Family Breaking”.

So, we call for people to just “Divorce Congress”, after all Congress promotes divorce.

  • People must vote.
  • People must vote any party or even independents, but not Congress.
  • The message is for all political parties. Any party that neglects the family system promotes divorce will get “DIVORCED by Indian People”.
  • We do not mind to have a hung parliament and anther election. But, Congress has to go.
  • We warn all political parties if they neglect Indian family system, which is the envy of the world.
  • We’ve started a nationwide campaign to “Divorce Congress” and many of our members have stood in elections as independents.
  • Our activist Sudhir Anand has filed his nomination as an independent candidate in New Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency.
  • We have couple of thousand volunteers in New Delhi to campaign for him.

A Sorry state of the Justice System and Gender Equality in India; a feat achieved by the Congress Government in the last 60 years.

Every year, close to 4,000 innocent senior citizens are arrested (i.e. one innocent elderly person every 2.5 hours) under IPC Section 498A. Many retired elders have been ill-treated, thrown out of their own homes and deprived of their meager means of sustenance by greedy or vengeful daughters-in-law. Senior citizens are further harassed through false cases of domestic abuse and dowry harassment and denied mental peace during the last leg of their lives. More and more elderly parents are unable to depend on their sons for the fear of false dowry harassment cases by resentful daughters-in-law. The World Health Organization, in its report on India cited IPC Section 498A as one of the major reasons for the “Increasing Abuse of the Elderly in India”.

  • According to National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB) data of 2005: 52000 Married Men committed Suicides while 28000 Married Women committed Suicides.
  • 2006 Crime Bureau Data: Married Men Suicide: 55452 vs. Married Women Suicide: 29869.
  • 2007 Crime Bureau Data: Married Men Suicide: 57593 vs. Married Women Suicide: 30064.

Still there is no LAW to Protect Men, why?

We have repeatedly requested the Congress led UPA Government by providing all the data and official statistics of suffering of Indian men in general and husbands in particular and demanded that all Gender Biased LAW should immediately be made crime based void of any assumption that women never lie and men are born as Criminals. “MEN/WOMEN” word to be replaced by word “PERSON” and word wife/husband to be replaced with the word “SPOUSE”.

But it has fallen on deaf ears of the Congress led UPA Government and in return the Union minister for Women and Child Development makes the following derogatory statements against Indian men while being in office:

  • It’s the turn of the Indian men to suffer, as women suffered for long. (Its like Mughals had destroyed many temples, so let’s demolish all the Mosques in India).
  • Don’t trust Your Men; trust Condom in the name of reducing AIDS. (Forgetting the fact that relationships are based on trust alone. And she seems to be spreading the message to all the women to have sex without having any relationship with the men).
  • It’s Diwali Gift to Indian women (on the DV Act). (Within two weeks, four women were sent behind the bars under first DV act case in Pune and one age old women left her own house as her daughter-in-law walked into her house with all her friends and parents. Who was the gift for?).

Promoting family harmony and true gender equality is the need of the day, to ensure social stability and responsible citizenship in the country. We strongly condemn all the above-mentioned assaults on the human rights and constitutional rights of men, women, children, senior citizens and families.

Citizens may choose to vote for Congress and ensure that more and more suffering follows for Indian men and their families. Congress government has converted the Indian Criminal Justice system into a wholesale free money earning business through Legal Extortion from Husbands and their family members.

Vote for any party, but not for congress and give a clear message that anti-husband, anti-men, anti-family and anti-child law and policy will not be accepted in this country by any political party.

Save Indian Family Foundation, Bangalore

Contacts: Anil: 9845143724 (English), Girish: 9902029992 (Kannada)


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