Demanding unconditional resignation of Supreme Court Justices Pasayath and MK Sharma



This is a swift (but not provocative) response to the recent news article in which Supreme Court Justice Shri Arijit Pasayat and Shri M K Sharma acknowledged that IPC 498A was misused but did not see any reason to remedy the situation.

With this blog post, I as a representative of thousands of Indian men (and Indian women) of all age brackets and in all parts of globe DEMAND that Shri Pasayat and Shri Sharma resign immediately from their respective positions for their blatant display of irresponsible, immature, unconscionable and unpardonable behavior. IMHO, Shri Pasayat and Shri Sharma have failed to perform their duty and have no business staying there any longer.

The Men, women and Children that I represent while making this demand have been sufferers at the hand of wicked woman who misuse IPC 498A law. I have personally met many 498a Victims men and women of India and counseled few of them.


The Supreme Court bench comprising of Shri Pasayat and Shri Sharma is quoted as “It must be presumed, unless the contrary is proved, that administration and application of a particular law would be done ‘not with an evil eye and unequal hand.”

Contrary to the statements of SC, reality is quite the opposite. The law is used without any fear by those with evil eye and aided by Police who use unequal hand against the husband and his family.

  • How about if each Citizen chose to misuse law against terrorism exactly once in his lifetime?
  • How about if each Citizen chose to misuse law against homicide exactly once in his lifetime?
  • How about if each Citizen chose to misuse law against smuggling exactly once in his lifetime?

Would this Supreme Court allow this miniscule misuse? After all, misuse will be below 0.0004% per person assuming average lifespan of 65 years.

As one can readily imagine, if there was even marginal increase in misuse of laws against terrorism and homicide, country would go further in anarchy.


IPC 498A with all its myriad usage is a law that is promoting Legal Terrorism and is on wide scale rampage that is crisscrossing across every single family in India. Every single person who has any relation to any recently married male is in danger.


Statistics tell that every year about 57,000 husbands are committing suicides which is almost double the number of wives committing suicides in spite of the so called dowry deaths then why no protection to men ??

57,000 deaths sounds like a very small number until ones look at their profile of the dead men. Many are well educated men who had reasonably good life and took steps to kill themselves shortly after their marriage. They died in prime of their age causing a loss of a very productive resource of the country (or the world). Many were students of IITs and as such carry lot of investment from the public exchequer. With each dead young man, there are usually 4 more lives being brought on streets.


For every one woman, who may have genuine dowry grievance, there are 49 who are misusing the law.

Please refer to my attached statistic report compiled wholly using data from NCRB website. I have merely correlated data that is spread across many different reports to form one view. No raw data is imagined.


I clearly do not approve any promotion of lax attitude as evidenced from SC comments and hence I have demanded Unconditional Resignation from Shri Arijit Pasayat and Shri M K Sharma effective immediately.

I also urge the President, the Prime Minister, every media and every volunteer to take steps so as to make this happen as soon as possible. I urge all of my members and Volunteers to resend this email until the resignation is extracted.

Here are few more articles that will start the reader of this email in correct direction



3 thoughts on “Demanding unconditional resignation of Supreme Court Justices Pasayath and MK Sharma

  1. I fully agree with this blog. As a victim of misuse of 498a myself, i was forced to fight to prove my innocence whilst my ex knew that i was taking care of 2 minor children born from her! I did not give up, and got acquiiteal in 3 years of long and stressful trial coming all the way from Abu Dhabi(UAE) almost every month!But my ex was not given even warning by the court, as if they were dealing with dead husband! Surprizingly, my ex told Court that no dowry demand was made by me, and inspite of that, dowry law was misused against me to wreck vengeance and to black-mailing in the open court by asking 2crore for withdrawing the case right in front of the judge. I refused and opted to fight the case, as I knew my case was aopen book!

    To These people who make mockery of law while sitting on the highest chair of Justice – I am praying very hard that thier own should misuse the same law and out them behind the bar- otherwise on one will hear to suffering of innocent husbands, and their mother/sister/daughters – who are also women. Hence, it is very clearly seent that THIS LAE IS INNACTED ONLY FOR MAKING MONEY BY WIVES, POLICE, LAWYERS, AND EVEN JUDGES- THIS MONEY COMES TO THEM WITHOUT RISKING ANYTHING- AS HUSBANDS ARE LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS AND NOT GUNDAAS/CRIMIMAL…! MERA BHARAT MAHAN!!

    I support 498A,
    — who help force to LIVE AS A DIVIDED FAMILY.
    — who help to BREAK INDIA FAMILY and HARMONY.
    — a great law “Insider Terrorist” works on Divide and Rule policy.
    — it helps to India’s Enemy by weakening Indian Family and it’s value.

    India’s people. Please Wake-up ! Save Indian Family, Save India !
    Please come out of old MINDSET, Respect MEN, value their affection towards family and nation.

    Jai Hind ! Jai Bharat !

  3. My inlaws threatened to put all my family members into trouble, threatened to kill me, cut my hand & legs and throw away where nobody would be able to find, if I did not signed the divorce papers. And the divorce papers is with “NO ACCESS” to my son. And after that my in-laws forced me to give away my child in adoption to them. Such henious & cruel people are proping up. My wife robbed away all my jewelry, my own necklace, bracelet, rings, etc….from my home and also from my parents home. But just for the love of my son I am thoughtful of taking any steps against them. They are not allowing me to see my son and have completely bartered away my son from me. Such criminals must be exposed. They have high political connections and they think I am scared of them, they are stupid ass holes who donot understand that it is my kind heart that I have not brought them to streets, becoz I love my wife and son, no matter whatever she did. But her parents are to be blamed for ruining my life and her life and our child’s life. Such parents are termites to whole Indian society. Spit on parents who bring their daughter back home, 90% of these cases have parents interference in daughter’s home. Stupid parents when they will understand that they are ruining their own daughter’s life by putting their son-in-law down.

    Mohit Agarwal

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