Divorce Congress, Cry Harassed Husbands

IF YOU are a husband or going to tie the knot soon, do not vote for Congress, comes the advice from Save Indian Family Foundation. It is a group purportedly formed by husbands harassed by ‘pro-women laws’, like those against dowry and domestic violence.

The Foundation even plans to field a candidate. Their slogan — Justice for Husbands.

The group accuses the Congress party of creating a rift between husbands and wives to increase its vote bank. “Congress plays vote bank politics by dividing husbands and wives.

In its regime, 1 lakh husbands were harassed by wives,” said Swarup Sarkar, Secretary of the Foundation, who claimed he got this data “through RTI”.

Sarkar and his foundation have already kicked off a full-fledged campaign, sending SMSes, emails, distributing pamphlets and pasting posters across the country to appeal to husbands to not vote for the party .

“Do you know if your wife demand 1000 rupees for her kitty party and you give 800, it is a crime by you (sic) as per law and who made such law? Congress,” reads one of their pamphlets.

But the Foundation has just one fear — according to its own research, 70 per cent of the harassed men are associated with the party they are raising the war cry against. “But I think it’s out of personal compulsion,” said Sarkar.

The Foundation was set up on March 10, 2004 by the likes of Sarkar to give moral and legal support to husbands and their families who are allegedly harassed by daughters-in-law.

The Foundation alleges the government has overlooked its demand for a check on the misuse of dowry and domestic violence laws. Sarkar also claimed that over 56,000 suicide cases involving married men were because of harassment by wives.


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