Have you heard of the Baazigar Syndrome?



Men are filing more cases now

Some men want to get back at their wives so desperately they don’t care if they destroy themselves in the process. A men’s rights activist names the condition after a Shah Rukh Khan film, reports Savie Karnel

On Sunday night, Sanjeev Prakash quarrelled with his wife for the last time. 

The squabble ended when he killed her and surrendered before the police. He said he’d had enough of her demands for money to lead a lavish life.

This may be an extreme case, but men trying to avenge their wives, whatever the cost, is on the rise, according to a men’s rights foundation. Virag Dhulia of Save Indian Family Foundation calls it the “Baazigar syndrome”.

“This can take many manifestations. Killing one’s wife is an extreme step. But there are also other ways in which husbands are ready to destroy their lives to teach their wives a lesson,” he said.

Sanjeev, a tailor, and Deepa (20) were married a year ago. After killing her, Sanjeev told the police she was always nagging him, and he just couldn’t earn enough to meet her expectations. She allegedly needled him constantly about his lack of money.

Dowry? Who gave it?

Virag, whose organisation campaigns against women’s ‘legal terrorism’, sees a spurt in husbands filing counter complaints and doing the rounds of the law courts.

“Men are aggressively filing cases now. Men don’t mind having to keep going to court and face difficulty in getting remarried. They are also willing to spend money on the cases. They are emotionally drained, and yet are ready to ruin their lives to get back at their wives,” he said.

“Husbands are frustrated when they are harassed by their wives,” said Ramila U, a counsellor.

Some are angry to be at the receiving end of dowry harassment cases when they haven’t taken any dowry. So, they file counter cases saying giving dowry is a crime. They urge that the wife’s family also be arrested.

Virag has filed such a complaint. “My wife filed a fake dowry harassment case against me. So, I filed a case against my wife and in-laws. Here, they have to prove that they have not given dowry, since giving dowry is also a crime. I have used their statement against them,” he said.

Waste of time
B N Saraswathi, a marriage counsellor herself and founder of Asha Kiran, which also campaigns for ‘harassed husbands’, admits husbands are filing counter complaints.

“It was not so before. We suggest to people who come to us to not get entangled in legal hassles and waste their time… But they all seem to want revenge and don’t bother what happens to their lives,” she said.

The Baazigar plot
Ajay (Shah Rukh Khan) steals the hearts of Seema (Shilpa Shetty) and Priya (Kajol), the daughters of his arch rival Madan Chopra (Dilip Tahil). Years earlier, Chopra has snatched away Ajay’s family business and property. 

Now, an adult Ajay returns to avenge the death of his father and baby sister. He marries Seema and then kills her. 

He then falls in love with Priya but is murdered before he can kill her. He is so full of revenge that he doesn’t mind losing his life.

Dial for help
Save India Foundation: 9243473794
Asha Kiran Foundation: 9845986250


One thought on “Have you heard of the Baazigar Syndrome?

  1. I totally agree with Bazigar Syndrome People.

    If the law is NOT ready to accept man as a social animal and treat him as one whose rights and interests are to be protected and whose grievances are to be addressed in every aspect then you are creating the monster everyday.

    When a person is pushed to extreme end he has only two options left (NATURAL INSTINCTS) FIGHT or FLIGHT.

    When a person chooses the second option (FLIGHT) he is hunted down but when he chooses the first option (FIGHT) he has to either QUIT or PAYBACK.

    When he chooses the first option (QUIT) before the biased laws as they dont provide him any kind of relief & instead act as Biased Blind Laws with added burden of Almoney, Maintenance, etc.

    Now when he chooses the second option (PAYBACK) you have successfully created the monster you call him now BAZIGAR SYNDROME PERSON.

    According to the NWC only animals, WOMEN (Daughter-in-law] and Child[Girl only] need law to protect them from every kind of ALIEN(Husband) Species. If this is the attitude then I think that everyone will agree that this kind of syndrome will Rise Exponentially in Future.

    I am also a Harassed Husband(victim) of the atrocities done by my wife , father-in-law, mother-in-law & brother-in-law neither do I get a family life nor a divorce.

    For the past 3 years I dont have my wife with me nor do i get to see my daughter as well. It is around 3.5 years for my marriage.

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