Congress – The Fascist Face

The data for the arrests of citizens made under section 498A and its consequences given below (Source : National Crime Records Bureau)

2003 2004 2005
Persons Arrested 110623 125657 127560
Women Arrested 26465 27832 28745
Seniors Arrested 3786 4324 4512
Children Arrested 297 294 339
Persons Charge-sheeted 106980 118367 121653
Persons who completed trial 70167 71192 74496
Persons Convicted 12558 14706 14583
Acquittal Rate 82% 79% 80%
Innocent Persons Arrested daily 249 273 281
Innocent Women Arrested daily 60 61 63
Innocent Seniors Arrested daily 9 9 10
Innocent Children Arrested daily 1 1 1

Police and courts were unleashed into the Bedroom of Citizens!

Why is Congress sending Police inside my house?

Is marriage a crime?

Why is marriage still not a contract in india?

Why in a Marriage only Wife has “Rights” and Husband Only has Duties and Obligations?

While the law says it is the duty of husband to maintain everyone around him, why is it silent about the role of Wife?

Why should husbands and their families have the Risk of Getting arrested that too without an iota of evidence??

Is it men’s turn to Suffer in this democratic country?


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