SIF Activist tutors RTI Act to Police

This is a true incident being described here. Brief background, is that an accused in a false dowry case filed an RTI Application with the local jurisdictional police to inquire about the investigations of the case. As he did not get the reply in the stipulated 30 days, he filed a complaint with the State Information Commission (SIC) regarding the same. One week after that he got the reply, however, the case in SIC came up for hearing. Meanwhile the accused who is also a SIF (Save Indian Family) activist, filed another RTI.2 days after filing that RTI he got a call from the PS to collect the copies. He was very happy for the quick response. So he goes to the PS to collect copies. This is what happens at the police station.

For reference, accused is designated as SIF Activist and the police people as Police.

SIF Activist: I got a call from your station for my RTI filed. Please give me the copies.

Police: But you have taken the copies your signature is also there.

SIF Activist: No I haven’t, can I have a look?

Police: Sure.

After having a look at the copies, the SIF activist understood the confusion. The police people were still stuck at the reply of the old RTI having replied after 60 days of the application filed while he was thinking of the new RTI filed.

SIF Activist: Oh this one. Yeah I have got the reply but you replied to me 60 days after I filed the application, whereas the act says you have to reply in 30 days. So I filed the complaint under Section 18(1) (C) of the RTI Act, 2005.

 Police: Oh I see. So now what do we have to do?

Clear confusion was visible on the faces of the police as they were being taught RTI Act by a STUPID COMMON MAN.

SIF Activist: Nothing, you have replied me but I did not get the reply in 30 days as the ACT says, so now your officer has to go and explain this to the State Information Commission that why he could not reply within 30 days when all he was supposed to do was to Xerox existing documents and send them.

Police: Oh, can you explain this to our sir?

SIF Activist: OK.

Waits for 8-10 minutes and sees that the officer was busy with something and also thought it was the officer’s duty to read the Act and comply.

SIF Activist: I am getting late. You tell the officer whatever I told you I am leaving.

The police people were flummoxed to see a Stupid Common Man walking into the police station and teaching laws to them. This is the pathetic condition of the Indian police. They are not aware even of the basics of the law, let alone complications, intricacies and its implications. Can we entrust the law and order and investigation of crimes to such a lax agency that does not know a law even after 4 years of it being passed?

Questions every citizen and law maker needs to ponder upon.

Is it not time that, “No policing is the best policing”, that the current police force can offer?

Or is it time to scrap the entire police force and rebuild it?


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