Happy Birthday to SIF Yahoo Group!!!

And Bingo!!! It’s the 4th Birthday for the Great Indian Family aka the Save Indian Family Yahoo Group. This Yahoo group was formed when the Indian Family was under attack inside the domestic precincts in the scathing influence of Legal Terrorism. As a result of the onslaught carried on inside homes, married men who had no voice in any social or legal circles to air their voices about their problems decided to take the cudgels on the agents of Legal Terrorism.

Initially what started as a discussion group on the internet has now matured into a fully fledged training camp for commandos combating Legal Terrorism. It was the informal discussions of 50 odd people in 2003 – 2004 that laid the foundation of the formation of the commandos, who finally formed the Yahoo Group with the name saveindianfamily@yahoogroups.com on 10th March 2005.

Today the Yahoo Group has 3000+ plus members, over 100,000 messages, of discussions of husband’s problems and social bias against married men.

It gives us great pleasure to realize that today due to this Yahoo Group married men have 100 active help lines, all over India and abroad, to at least listen to the problems of married men, if not solve them. Though since the past 60 years of Independent India, men have been facing a plethora of problems, sadly enough they do not have a National Commission for Men or a Men’s Welfare Ministry, but now men have a platform to voice their grievances.

Save Indian Family Yahoo group is more than a group. It gives its members a reality shift, a new attitude towards life and a message that life has to be lived with dignity and grace despite adversaries. It tells us that end of marriage is not the end of life and that people in a society have a certain responsibility and commitment towards the society as well. It provides a platform for people to train themselves and become commandos to fight the social bias against men, one of the most visible manifestations of which is the practice of victimizing men by Legal Terrorism.

A group formed of unarmed and victimized citizens who have absolutely no support from either the Government or the society at large, and has no funding from anywhere, has managed to rattle the sensibilities of the Government and able to make its presence felt everywhere. The group actually poses a threat to the agents of Legal Terrorism and the shop of selling Women’s Rights that they are running, as a result of which they have installed spies in the group to keep an eye on the group activities. This only points to the high amount of insecurity amongst the power mongers who have a fear of getting exposed and their shop of selling women’s rights shutting down.

Ending this article with a birthday wish,




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