Social Injustice or Social Service?

On the occasion of World Social Justice Day, today, on February 20, 2009, I cannot but blog the conversation between two individuals on the same topic. These two individuals are representatives of the society that we live in and do not have semblance with any particular person living or dead.

A: Hey, what’s up?

B: Nothing much, your side?

A: Heard about it? It’s the World Social Justice Day today.

B: I see. So you mean to say the society is going to deliver Social Justice only today or is it going to balance the injustice meted out on the rest of 364 days?

A: You must be kidding.

B: Unfortunately I am not. For I do not think there’s anything called Social Justice. It’s just a façade, a myth, a delusion created by the so called, “Contractors of the society”, to run their cultural and social merchandise.

A: You sound to be serious.

B: Of course, I am. What social justice do you think men in general and husbands in particular are going to get today?

A: Oh come on, what social justice do they want in a male dominated world?

B: Male Dominated, Really? What domination by males have you seen? In every age group suicides by males far outnumber the suicides by females. Why? If the society is male dominated, why do these so called, ‘Dominating males’ commit suicide? And worse, the society accepts it as a part of life and does nothing, absolutely nothing, for it.

A: What are you saying? Fumbles a bit, but manages to maintain calm and composure.

B: Day in and day out, thousands of husbands, fathers and their families are dragged to the courts and police stations by their wives for small and petty reasons, just because there is a volley of badly drafted and lousily implemented, lop-sided and gender obsessed, women-centric laws for the married woman (Read the wife), while none for the husband. Numerous Organizations like Save Indian Family Foundation and its allied partners have come up, formed of citizens, to cater to the gross injustice being meted out to those falsely implicated men (read Husbands), day in and day out. What justice do you think; you can deliver to at least one such man, today on “World Social Justice Day”?

A: Man, are you serious, this is happening?

B: Welcome back from the deep slumber. Do you know these organizations I just mentioned about have managed to get 150 newspaper articles in the year 2008? It’s not a small number and averages to almost 3 articles a week. Yet today, you are coming up to me and behaving as if I am telling you some fairytale from the Panchtantras.

A: Hey, wait a moment. I think I came across one of those articles sometime back. But then thought it’s irrelevant to me, so skipped over it. It said something like, “Men too are victims of Domestic Violence”.

B: Bingo!!! That article also mentioned about high suicide rates of married men and how men are falsely implicated in dowry laws, domestic violence laws. And see, people like you in the society think; it is those men who are at fault who got implicated. Day in and day out, men are routinely harassed, tortured and blackmailed in the name of ‘mediation and compromise’, in the family courts and everyone accepts it.

A: Yeah, but men have to pay alimony in divorce, right?

B: It’s a perception, not a reality. The society thinks it’s OK, to take money from man, even if he’s innocent. It thinks it is a SOCIAL SERVICE to kill men, to subject them to mental trauma in the name of bearing responsibilities, to deny them basic rights in the name of Women’s Rights and Women Empowerment. No one wants to see this grave social injustice going on. Tell me what you can do about this on “World Social Justice Day”.

A: See, I can understand your issues and I am not invalidating them. But there are so many women who do not get justice, so what if some men have to suffer.

B: That means you accept that whatever is going on with men is wrong and it should not be protested just because you think there are women who deserve. Do you see a contradiction in your own thoughts? On one hand you encourage injustice against men because injustice against women exists, as per you, somewhere else. So you pamper the bad woman around you and the people around her get a whiff of how to take revenge from the man they want to. And those women whom you claim are not getting justice are always made to exist (since 4 decades), to justify the wrong-doings against men. And this vicious circle continues wherein it is only the players of the system who benefit as their shop of Social Injustice keeps running. Existence of women’s problems does not mandate the absence of men’s problems or the other way round, catering to men’s problems does not mandate ignorance of women’s problems or contributing to them. Injustice cannot be engendered.

A: But what can be done in a day?

B: That’s exactly is what I am trying to tell you. Nothing can be done in a day and that is why this, World Social Justice Day is just an eyewash to say, we care for justice and we care for victims of injustice. However, in reality, everyone just wants to escape and does not want to accept social responsibility. If you really want to do something, stop blabbering, World Social Justice Day and bullshit, and take up your social responsibility to create awareness about it. Only an aware and awake citizenry can attack injustice. Sleep walking people, cannot. Ask this question to yourself, “Is it a Social Service or Social Injustice”?


3 thoughts on “Social Injustice or Social Service?

  1. Excellently put….
    The men think its ok for the men to suffer, but when it comes to their own suffering, it suddenly becomes not ok.

    Does it mean they cease to be men, when it comes to their own suffering?

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