Thrash Women to get Chaddis

This is a true conversation. It is being represented here to tell people about the true objective behind The Pink Chaddi Campaign. For reference it has been given a befitting reply by The Pink Condom Campaign.

It so happened that an over-enthusiastic Samaj Sevi whom we call as SS called up Nisha Susan, the co-coordinator for the “The Pink Chaddi Campaign”. Here’s the conversation between them.

Tring Tring Tring.

Nisha: Hullo.

SS: Madam I have heard something about the pink Chaddi campaign, are you the coordinator.

Nisha: Yeah I am.

SS: Madam, please give me some chaddis.

Nisha: But these are female chaddis, you are a male.

SS: But I need chaddis, madam. I will exchange them, please give me.

Nisha: No, no you seem to have misunderstood the whole thing. We take these chaddis and we will give them to Pramod Mutalik.

SS: Who Pramod Mutalik?

Nisha: Hey you don’t know him? The guy who thrashed women at Mangalore pub.

SS: But madam I have not thrashed anyone, why are you denying chaddis to me. I need them, I am badly hit by recession.

Nisha: Hey, you, just shut up you moron.

SS: What is this madam, I am talking so nicely to you. The man who thrashed women, as per you, is going to be gifted with chaddis and you are abusing me, who has done nothing. This is not fair madam.

Nisha: Don’t waste my time.

SS: Madam please don’t hang on. I can give you condoms. I have heard some Pink condom campaign has started to oppose you. But I am with you madam. You give me 4 chaddis for 2 condoms I will spread your word, Madam.

Nisha: What???

SS: Yes madam 4 chaddis for 2 condoms. Recession time madam, salary cut, job cut madam.

Nisha: Listen Mr. these chaddis are meant for Mutalik who thrashed women at pub.

SS: I see. So you mean to get chaddis I have to go to a pub, locate “loose and forward women” and thrash them??

Nisha: You do whatever you want to.

Phone hangs. SS tells his friends they will need to thrash women to get chaddis. They all get dejected and leave the place.


5 thoughts on “Thrash Women to get Chaddis

  1. Ok, I got it.

    But some body told me that the brain behind pink condom campaign in Renuka Aunti as he wanted to prove her statement on valentines day that “Don’t trust men trust condoms” and she is a “Condom agent” also.

    Chhiii—- renuka—- vote ke liye -Gender war karwa diya toone….Ye, Toone Kya kiya 😦

    Ram Balak

  2. That is the reality of India. One hand we wittness several women of india have to fight for get a galss of water, a piece of cloth, a right to go to school, a right to get euall right to get thier parental assests/property , at the same time we find women who fight for get the right to drink beer, get right to remove the underwear .
    At the end i must say , women like Nisha , who neither respect the Indian society or culture, know very well how to remove the underwaear of Indian men and misue the same to sale thier own agenda and hate against each others.

  3. Oh how cute ! Ridiculing a protest that women put up against men who beat up women is sooooo clever !

    God forbid women engage in non-violent protest that includes humour and shock tactics ! Perhaps next time, they should just do a Lorena Bobbitt on these men, eh ?

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