Now Hubby files a dowry case

The man claimed that he was given dowry though he did not ask for it

Srikanth Hunasavadi. Bangalore

A husand facing a dowry case, has sought to turn the tables on his wife and in-laws by filing a case against them alleging that they had given him dowry though he had not asked for the same.
Virat, a software engineer, alleged that a false dowry case was registered against him. He was imprisoned for two days and later released on bail. 
Virat, however, continued to claim that he had not taken any dowry and alleged that his wife had filed a false complaint against him just to get him into trouble.
However, as per the law, giving dowry is as much a crime as demanding it and hence, attracts equal punishment under Section 3 of the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961. 
Police records clearly stated that his wife and in-laws had given him dowry and he had not demanded it. Based on their statements, Virat filed a case against his wife and in-laws for giving dowry. 
The case has been admitted in the Xth Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court (ACMM), Mayo Hall, in Bangalore. The judge has ordered the police to investigate the matter and file a first information report (FIR). 
This is a first of its kind case in Karnataka where a husband has filed a case against his wife and in-laws for their ‘confessional admission’ of giving dowry ‘reserving his right to defend himself against allegations’.
Talking DNA, Virat said that the misuse of the Dowry Prohibition Act and Domestic Violence Act should be stopped or it can get many innocent people into trouble. The central government should examine the laws and make necessary amendments to avoid such misuse, he added.
Virat’s case is now sure to arm organisations battling for harassed husbands. 
In the last few years, several outfits have emerged to fight the injustices being meted out to married men. 
Multiple cases, containing false and baseless allegations under Section 498A and the Domestic Violence Act, are being filed against husbands and their parents and relatives, these outfits have alleged.

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6 thoughts on “Now Hubby files a dowry case

  1. a long awaited trend breaking action is finally taken. this should be a trend setter in fixing the surpanakhas who encash on the law made for sitas. and all those who are inbvolved in false cases and false threats


  2. Speaking for myself, although I’m certain a great number of American fathers would agree:

    Way to go Virag!

    Each time one of us stands up to the tyranny, it’s an inspiration for ALL of us to stand up to it.

    Gunner Retired

  3. These days, the bride’s parents blows the trumpet that they have given a hell lotta dowry. They are buying the groom and then harassing him by either blackmailing that if he doesnt dance to the tunes of his bride, he might spend a night or many inside the prison.
    There are many such cases which are unseen by the foolish indians. The so called idiot neighbors and the fucking society merely enjoys the tormented treachery show where groom’s family are the antagonists and sleeps peacefully in their beds full of demonic, psychopathic values after enjoying the show.
    To hell with this fucking country and its ill values and the idol worshiping!

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