Man as feminists want

1. A adulterous man will be jailed, where as women are given free license to adultery.
2. Men can not keep their parents in their house. 
3. Men must not call their parents or siblings once they get married.
4. Only Men/boys have to take care of their elderly parents and get abused by his wife at the same time for doing that.
5. A Man who does not take care of parents in old age in a sinner.
6. A Man has to pay for schooling and food of for the child, whom he has not seen for years.
7. A Man must get ready to spend 4 days in jail along with his parents (if needed) as soon as he gets married.
8. A Man or his words must never be trusted.
10. Men are to be abused if they are mama’s boys. The same does not apply to women who are mama’s girls.
11. Men have to do all hazardous work.
12. Men have to arrange dowries sacrificing lives for their daughters and sisters. 
14. Men have to get oppressed by 1% alpha-males who control all the power in a male dominated society. 
15. Boys as young as 10 year old ones must work as unpaid bodyguards for women folk in his house.
16. Boys must work on roadside restaurants, if the family is poor.
17. Men deserve no protection from assaults by wives, their bothers, fathers and mothers. In stead, the assaulted men have to be arrested and jailed.
18. Boys have to be emotionally suppressed by their parents. Boys should rarely cry after age of 7. 
19. Men must protect women by facing violence and at the expense of their own life.
“Stree Raksha” is param Dharma.

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