SIFF Bangalore thanks Chief Justice of Karnataka

Shri. P.D. Dinakaran
Honorable Chief Justice of Karnataka
High Court of Karnataka

Sub: A note of thanks for listening to our voices

Respected Sir,

            We feel proud to introduce ourselves as Save Indian Family Foundation, an NGO dedicated to promote the cause of Gender Equality and Family harmony. We wish to extend our sincere feelings of gratitude for the appointment of two additional judges for family courts at Bangalore, Nyaya Degula and thus giving the litigants a breather who were in great trouble due to long pending of cases.

However, as the number of pending cases is close to 13,000 as per various media reports and more and more number of cases are filed owing to crumbling family structure, we feel the current number of judges might not also be adequate and we might need more number of judges with additional courts to address the monstrous figure of pending cases at the Family Courts, Bangalore.

On an ending note, we sincerely thank you for taking note of our protests outside family courts and responding to them positively and look forward to continued support from your good office in resolving issues related to family problems.



3 thoughts on “SIFF Bangalore thanks Chief Justice of Karnataka

  1. Efforts undertaken by SIFF may or may not get credit by others but it goes to help the people of Bangalore in getting justice quicker and better!

  2. Legal Terrorism – The most lethal form of terrorism (Please send this link to all the Men of this country for awareness – Precaution is better than cure)

    If someone thought that terrorist, naxalities or militants were threat to a nation, why aren’t people looking at statistics and finding out who is creating terror & who is being a victim. With the implementation of gender biased laws, the no of cases of 498a, DV act, dowry etc the number of such cases in india every year goes in lakhs. While these are women centric biased laws, there have be an amazing no of false cases where husbands have been implicated. The divide in the society has increased due to such biased laws and knowledgeable men are scared to get married. The frustration levels have increased due to the biased laws. Based on a mere complaint, a husband is put behind bars & also his parents. God Save this nation. In the midst of politics, the legal system has been scuffling to make the right decisions. A woman’s organizaion comes out with some manupulative numbers and a gender biased law is made. God save this country. No one else cam. The men who are sleeping today will have an eye opener shortly if you are not able to understand where this country is heading towards. Today, India faces the deadliest form of terrorism with the invention of gender biased laws, which have not only been biased, but also destroyed the family system in India & the losers are not just the harassed husbands, but also their parents and children. Laws which state that the woman is more often than not right itself has caused trauma to another woman, and that being the mother in law of this woman. Feminnists who were proactively involved in promoting such destructive laws have themselves been victims in many cases, especially when they became mother in laws. The irony is that when the “so called modern woman” is not in a position to manage the family and wants to lead an easy life, she resorts to legal terrorism by going for 498a etc and blackmails the husbands by putting false cases of Dowry, Domestic violence etc to get divorce and alimony. It looks like men are made to slog their arses and women have the freedom to do whatever they want. Recently it has been noted that about 78% of the cases that are lodged on these grounds are false and are just to satisfy the ego of some of the women. 83% of th the woman’s in-laws are trapped without any wrong or involvement of theirs. Unfortunately the biggest losers are children. The laws of today are such that India is heading for a fatherless society. The women who blackmail their husbands by misusing the lawsa also get the benefit from the biased laws for children’s custody. While many fathers look for joint custody, most women, to soothe their so called egoes and to show their superiority stop their husbands from getting access to thier children. The result is that the children undergo many psychological problems and also their careers and furture are put to risk. More often such children become drug addicts, criminals, school dropouts etc. Today, about 25% of next generation in mumbai have the risk of being victimized by these biased laws.

    The men also have to be blamed here for not fighting for their rights and for being escapists. Men more often than not silently accept the domestic violence and mental torture they undergo from their wives. On the contrary, the wife makes a bit issue of nothing and gets the husband trapped by the use of legal terrorism. The result, these harassed husbands and their parents and kids suffer mentally & financially. Now it is time that the men understand that they better be pro-active and fight for their rights rather than getting trapped and jailed for weeks or months and then looking for help. So, the young men and their parents need to wake up and fight for their rights so that tomorrow’s india is brighter.

    Also, the supreme court should bring in laws to severely punish the women who misuse DVA/498a etc. Also, the advocates or the lawyers who promote the misuse of these laws should be severly punished and fined. Only when strict norms come into picture, the use of legal terrorism will be controlled, else it would be too long to see an india that is broken. Also, the law should consider the fathers equal to mothers and stop gender biases. In many a cases the women are wrong, but they get custody of children. They say mera Bharat mahan – Only in india can men be so soft and not fight for their rights. Only when they are at the receiving end, will they seek for help. And looking at the trend, about 1 out of 5 marriages in india will have the risk of undergoing this dirty phase and the victims of legal terrorism will increase four folds by 2011. All men need to stand up for their rights now and fight for it proactively. So, send this message to everyone who is married or about to get married.

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