Bell Mat Bajaya Karo

All the characters in the article, though imaginary are derived from real life but do not exactly resemble any living character. Any semblance is purely co-incidental.

Background: Recently the Bell-Bajao Campaign has really picked up on TV. What with actor Boman Irani being its brand ambassador. Seeing it, I came across a very strange incident related to Bell Bajao which I could not help but blog. Some noises were coming from a house, so a curious stranger (being over-impressed with the Bell Bajao campaign), presses the bell. We will call the curious stranger as the ‘Good Samaritan aka GS and the person inside as ‘Ordinary citizen’ or OC.

Ting Tong, Ting Tong, Ting Tong.

OC opens the door when the bell rings and finds a stranger.

OC: Yes??
GS: I heard some noise from inside.
OC: So? Rang the bell?
GS: Yeah, have you not seen the Bell Bajao campaign asking you to knock anyone’s door if you hear noises.
OC: Oh that one, but what has that got to do with me?
GS: No, I thought, just in case…..
OC: Just in case, what Mr. Stranger. Without knowing anyone you just knock the door??
GS: No, but some noises…..

And our hero, the ‘Good Samaritan’ tries to take a peek inside. The ‘Ordinary Citizen’ gets angry now.

OC: Oh hello, Mr. First of all I stay with my son. There’s no lady here. I am watching TV, OK?
GS: Oh, I am so sorry. Actually yesterday my wife was hitting me, I thought someone will ring the bell, none did. Anyways I am sorry.


8 thoughts on “Bell Mat Bajaya Karo

  1. Hey thick skulled,

    Ringing the bell is a METAPHOR.
    Never heard a word with so many letters? It means, ‘something used, or regarded as being used, to represent something else; emblem; symbol’.

    Don’t you wish someone would interfere when an eight month pregnant woman is starved without food or water for a week because she dared to ask her in laws permission to step out of the house. These women are real. Violence is real.

    So why don’t you sit on your useless ass, and let us do the dirty job?

    • The very fact that you are trying to play hockey in a basket ball court shows your mental level.

      I am talking of men facing domestic violence and you are talking of imaginary fairy tales.

      No wonder useless laws in India rule over people.

      India is a banana democracy and it is mindless and brainless rats like you who make it a banana democracy.

  2. Hi Bell the Cat
    Poking your nose inside the bedroom of couples who are moaning in romance would make you a Hero before single women!. Do you know that Girija Vyas, Ranjana Kumari or Indra Jaising are single and probaly they are JEALOUS of young women in act!!
    Family breaking Industry has vested intrest from mostly single women, Fathers/brothers who refuse to give share in their property to their daughters/sisters. Advoctes, Judges and Police consider the generally women do not have self respect or esteem and they think women enjoy being branded abla naari. They enjoy women standing before them with thier so called woes as you have mentioned!

  3. hey bell the cattter, i don’t want to talk metaphors, even though you want to see METAPHORs (in caps for you) where none was intended… Above was a clear case of man facing domestic violence from wife… but being thick skulled like you are, in trying to poke his nose into neighbour’s life.

    That ‘pregnant woman of 8 months starved of food’ you talked about, show me those women… don’t tell me you heard or read it somewhere… For each such fictitious woman there are 10 men facing REAL (in caps for you) domestic violence from wives and in-laws.

    I agree100%, you are doing a dirty job… of filling lawyers’ and NGOs’ pockets… you yourself are probably one of those.

  4. Yodha, ‘bell the cat’ heard such stories from FIRs against people like you and me. In my case I was surprised to learn that I actually was a wife-beater, child+spouse-killer(attempted), non-food provider, immobilising, kerosene pouring, money-demanding, dowry-seeking, monster of a man. May be I have amnesia, but I still have some albums with 1000s of photos in which the complainant-wife is hale and hearty, enjoying disney land rides and vacations, all these photos from more than 5 vacations in a period of 7-8 months in which we were together.

    So I really don’t know when I found time to beat her, imprison her, attempt to kill her and my own child by pouring kerosene, demand dowry and money and yet how she managed to be so happy in those photos(in her reply to the court, she says that she was threatened of life and made to smile in all of those 1000s of photos, may be Bell Cat knows the reality better, like she seem to know the truth just like that, with her infinite wisdom).

    You see threatening someone of life and making her laugh in more than 1000 photos is a bigger crime than all of the above allegations, I believe. I am eager to know BellCat’s insights and expert views on this and 1000s of similar case histories of legal terrorism documented at

  5. @Bell the Cat
    if only you understood the meaning of so many words in – “Bell the Cat”

    the Modern WOMEN of today have become CATs, (looks like you understand more when things are in CAPs) very cunning, unscruplous and not having any remote sense of remorse for all the physical and emotional attrocity they unleash on their husbands and families.

    With all the gender biased laws on their side, a result of the vote bank politics just like the reservation and many other laws, they feel very empowered and with so much money involved in terms of maintenance and alimony they get best of both worlds – good money and easy freedom !!
    They do not think twice before acting in cruel ways and adopting unfair means and shedding tears all the while.

    I have seen many of my friends and their families facing domestic violence at hands of these CATs. All the abla nari image projected in media and films/TV are stories at best. Go take a walk in the real world (but leave behind your thick skull) only then you will realize the suffering of men.

    In my case, my wife moved to her parents house just after 1 month of marriage without intimating any one. And when asked why she did that pat came the reply “I do not wish to stay with you parents!!”. Even though I discussed this point with her very clearly before marriage, that being the only son of my parents I will be living with them. That time in the lure of all good things with me and family to just get thru the marriage she portryed a very innocent and obedient self. Her real face emerged only after marriage; she misbehaved with everyone including me.
    Now she is spreading false stories among our and her own relatives of dowry demand and cruelty meted out to her by my parents. Even more, she is now hell bent on destroying my sister’s married life.

    Who will BELL this CAT ???

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