No more arbitrary detentions

1) Deccan Chronicle Coverage.

Save Indian Family Foundation, a harassed husbands’ association, has welcomed the recent amendments to section 41 of the CRPC which will put an end to arbitrary arrests and detention by police. “Over, 68,67,805 people were arrested under IPC and SLL crimes in 2007 as per the National Crime Record Bureau reports, of which 60 per cent were unjustified, said Anil Kumar, founder of SIFF.

2) Dainik Jaagran Coverage

3) Virat Vaibhav Coverage

4) The Hindu Implement CrPC Amendment

Hyderabad Vaatha Page 6

English translation 

Section 41 should be published in the Gazette
Save India Family Foundation

Saifabad, January 27, PrabhataVaartha

Save Indian Family Foundation representatives Uma Challa and Sanjay Thumma demanded that Section 41, which was recently amended by the Government, should be immediately published in the Gazette. Speaking at a Press Conference organized in the Press Club on Tuesday, they said that according to the revised Section 41, police powers will be reduced. According to this Section, in order to arrest someone police has to first do an investigation, send a notice in advance, obtain written orders from Magistrate and that police should be in their uniforms when they make the arrest. They alleged that before Section 41 was amended police would make indiscriminate arrests, collude with other parties and extort money. They said that in the last four years, 1 lakh 23 thousand women have been arrested in the country under section 498a which is a law made for the sake of women and it is surprising that among these 1000 were girls. They said that 60% of arrests made by police are unnecessary because of which jail expenditure has increased by 43.2%, number of cases have increased and court time is wasted. They said that their organization will widely spread awareness about the amended Section 41 and that citizens should also learn about it.


One thought on “No more arbitrary detentions

  1. Updated article:

    Implement CrPC amendments: SIFF

    Staff Reporter

    Recent amendments made to Section 41 of CrPC aim at ending arbitrary arrests, police detention

    Over 1,23,000 women arrested and jailed in the last four years without investigation: Uma Challa

    Hyderabad: The recent amendments made to Section 41 of Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), which aims at ending arbitrary arrests and detention by police, has found strong support from Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), a city-based NGO.

    Members of the foundation demanded the government to implement the CrPC amendment, thereby putting an end to arbitrary arrests, during a press conference here on Tuesday.

    They wanted a three member committee to be formed with powers to summon and punish errant police officers so that the load on criminal judicial system was reduced. “The amendment is expected to reduce corruption and extortions in police stations and will also decrease the number of false complaints,” said Uma Challa, member of SIFF. If the law was notified in the Gazette at the earliest, police would be free from involvement in personal and political disputes, she said and added that the move will also bridge the gap between police and citizens.

    Ms. Challa said more than 1,23,000 women were arrested and jailed in the last four years without investigation under the Section 498A of IPC. With reference to the third report from National Police Commission, she said 60 per cent of the arrests were unnecessary and unjustified and accounted for 43.2 per cent of expenditure of prison departments. The amendment will strongly improve the existing condition of Human Rights all over the country as violating them has become a trend, Ms. Challa said.

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