Strong condemnation of MTV Roadies show


The Additional Secretary (P&A)/Public Grievances Cell
Ministry of Broadcasting & Information
R.No. 552, A-Wing, Shastri Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110001

Sub: Complaint against a culturally derogatory program.

Respected Sir,

Save Indian Family Foundation would like to air its strong objection and condemnation to the theme of MTV roadies wherein the boy gets a hit in the scrotum for girls making mistakes. The episode can be seen at,

We all know the TV shows are blind followers of sensationalism and they are so blind that they have forgotten and deeply buried their sense of social responsibility. Performing such a dastardly act on TV is spreading poison in the society. The notoriously famous MTV music channel is not coming under scanner for the first time. Your good office has issued warnings to this channel earlier as well for other objectionable content and the channel has been instructed by your good office to display the warning on their telecast some one year back.

MTV being a habitual offender of violation of basics of Content Code and Self Regulation Guidelines of Broadcasters, needs to be banned from airing its shows since its very concept of program is detrimental to the existence of a well behaved society.

It injects, violence (especially violence against males), insensitivity, bitchiness, hatred and dispassion amongst its participants and viewers equally. If the channel had shown violence against females, the act would have made great news and probably by now the channel would have been off air. But since it is against men, it is being allowed to continue?

Violence, irrespective of the gender of its victim, is condemnable in all forms and needs strict action against its perpetrators. We, Save Indian Family Foundation strongly urge removal of the program from air and a strict penalty be imposed on the channel and its designers and content publishers as your good office may deem as fit and just in the interest of justice and equity.

We do hope and believe our concerns are going to be taken in positive spirit and we expect full co-operation from you in this matter.


3 thoughts on “Strong condemnation of MTV Roadies show

  1. add the show dadagiri on bindaas to the list, these shows need to be banned immediately. Please raise your voice, if the additional secretary does not want to come out of his slumber, file a PIL with the honorable supreme court

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