Dispose of cases fast, says CJ

The Honorable Chief Justice of Karnataka Shri P D Dinakaran takes serious note of the demands of Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) and Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting(CRISP). SIFF and CRISP held a protest on delay in family cases on Saturday the 17th Jan 2009 demanding additional judges and family courts.

Dispose of cases fast, says CJ

Chief Justice of High Court oread more…

Chief Justice of High Court of Karnataka P.D. Dinakaran called for speedy disposal of cases before the judiciary. Mr Dinakaran, who is also the chief patron, Karnataka Judicial Academy, was speaking after inaugurating a week-long foundation course for newly-promoted civil judges at the Karnataka Judicial Academy here on Monday. He said the time has come for a radical change in the judicial system, on how best justice can be delivered at the earliest. Mr Dinakaran said matrimonial cases, cases related to accidents and land acquisition are on the rise and such cases should be disposed of at the earliest as it involves two or more families and even children. “Time taken to dispose of cases cannot be compensated and the victims are subjected to further agony. We need to gear up and see that we dispose of the cases at the earliest, as justice delayed is justice denied,” he told the promoted judges. More than 10,000 cases are pending in the family court alone and every year on an average at least 2,500 to 3,000 new cases related to restitution of conjugal rights, divorce and child custody cases are getting filed. In 2008 alone, 3,600 divorce cases were filed. Also, there are cases which are being tried for the past 10 to 15 years.


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