Memorandum to Principal Judge Family Court Bangalore

The Principal Judge
Family Court, Bangalore
Nyaya Degula

Sub: Memorandum addressing troubles of litigants due to absence of judges in the Family Court
Respected Sir,

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as Save Indian Family Foundation, an NGO dedicated to cause of promoting Family Harmony and Gender Equality. We have come to know from various media reports attached as Annexures A and B that the Family Court at Bangalore is facing a crisis.
There is not only an acute shortage of judges but also we feel more number of family courts is needed to handle the ever pouring load of cases on the Family Court. Because of the absence of judges in the family court,

1. Non-custodian fathers are not able to see their children.
2. Children are not able to see their non-custodian fathers.
3. Women who are entitled to maintenance are not able to collect it.
4. One family which could be reunited via Restitution of Conjugal Rights provision is denied the chance.
5. One young couple, entangled in an unpleasant divorce, could have been granted divorce and they would have been able to move on in their life without wasting their youthful years.
6. Grandparents aka parents of the non-custodian parent, are denied the chance to meet their grandchildren and similarly those children also miss the love and affection of their grandparents.

Hence we request your good office to kindly take serious note of the issue and ensure that Bangalore gets,

1. At least 5 Family Court Judges with at least 2 female judges, and
2. Additional family courts to dissipate the load of pending cases.

We do hope and believe our concerns are going to be taken in a co-operative manner and we expect your full support in this matter.

1. Times of India report on 14 August 2008 highlighting vacant post for a judge.
2. DNA Report on 16 November 2008 highlighting the vacancy of 2 Family Courts.
Date: 17th Jan 2009 Thanks and Regards
Place: Bangalore Virag
Public Relations Officer
Save Indian Family Foundation, Bangalore


2 thoughts on “Memorandum to Principal Judge Family Court Bangalore

  1. A good initiative from SIFF. Though I have done by little bit in getting this dharna organised, I could not attend it personally, because my mother is admitted to hospital and I am the only son at present with her at Bangalore.

    Will definetly participate in other such initiatives as in the past

  2. Good Initiative of Save Indian Family Foundation, Bangalore. Bangalore should have more family court judges and family courts.Though family courts are located at most of the districts, the functioning and the process are different from other courts. Before proceeding please make sure that the lawyer would handle the matter in family court Bangalore. The family court procedure is lengthy and time consuming, so it is always better settle the matter amicably in a mutual understanding before appearing the court.

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