Girl Child – The Usable Commodity

All the characters in the article are imaginary and have no resemblance to any person living or dead. Any co–incidence is purely co–incidental.

Priyanka is a confused girl. They want her to get married to a rich guy as Priyanka is their only daughter and they expect their potential son-in-law to take care of them as well. Priyanka, however, is unaware of this desire of theirs. She thinks her parents think, she can only be happy with wealth and thus want a rich son-in-law. And she has been brought up since childhood with an impression that all her wishes are going to be fulfilled by her ‘Prince Charming’ who will come for Priyanka, the Princess, riding on a Black Stallion and take her along. Hence she has high expectations from her future husband.
She gets married to Sanjit. Going by her expectations, she starts throwing tantrums on him to relish all her hidden and suppressed desires of a lavish and luxurious life. Also she has been well-tutored by her mother to control Sanjit right from the beginning. Sanjit is a very family oriented person who tries to be very co-operative to Priyanka and tries his level best to keep her happy as per ‘her’ terms. But no sooner Priyanka gets into the mode of abusing him to get all she wants and becomes totally indifferent to him to the point that he can no longer take the abuse, ingratitude, and constantly changing and increasing expectations and gives up. Feeling ‘harassed and dejected’, Priyanka files a false dowry case on Sanjit and his parents as this is the only way she can get the sadistic pleasure of getting him arrested so that he may ‘understand’ her and give in to her ‘demands’. But Sanjit does not budge and pledges to fight the case howsoever difficult it may be.
Priyanka comes back to her parents and slowly the case becomes too complex for her to handle as she is neither able to prove her lies nor defend them. Slowly she realizes, her parents also do not love her, they just wanted to ‘use’ her to get to the riches of someone rich like Sanjit. And also realizes that now they cannot get it, view her as a burden.

The story of Sanjit and Priyanka is not a one-off exception. It has become the norm of the days in almost every fourth marriage. Every year the number of false dowry cases is increasing. Save Indian Family Foundation gets almost 250 – 300 such cases every week as it is approached by men and their families who are falsely implicated in it. A study of the background of these cases points to a very grim fact, that girls have indeed become a burden these days for parents and they only want to use their girls to secure their old age by marrying her off to a rich guy and enjoying his riches either by being successful in separating him from his immediate family or extorting him through false cases. All are not brave and daring like Sanjit to give a tough fight and many give in to the extortion.
Such parents bring up their daughters without any training. The daughter grows up with a feeling that it is OK for her to abuse her husband and her parents are always there to support her. She has no regards either for a family or the marriage and views it as her license to the world of dreams. She has a constant pressure to control her husband and when she cannot, she feels frustrated and holds her husband responsible for not giving in to her demands.
They not only ruin the life of their daughter but also contribute to the spreading legal terrorism and male-hatred. They are like a poison to the society and deserve social ostracization. But this is the just the tip of the iceberg. The unprofessional pamperment lent by the system, the Government to Women puts a false confidence in these parents that if they fail to get what they want through social means, they can always get it through laws. Feminists have, anyways, created enough euphoria for the word ‘Dowry’, that the mere mention of the word sparks sympathy for the ‘wife’ and hatred for the ‘husband’. And since Governments Love Feminism, these feminists also get patronage from the Government.
The word, ‘Dowry’ as obnoxious it sounds, is also used obnoxiously to hide a ‘wife’s’ follies, and create undue pressure on the husband to waste his resources in saving his skin from an unwarranted case rather than expose his wife to the society. Again adverse media trial also works against the husband and creates a false impression of the victimhood of the ‘wife’ in the society. It also creates an impression that ‘husbands’ are bad and it is OK to abuse a husband and presents the male as the Disposable Gender.
Since such practices over the years have developed a victimized image of women, issues like female feticide and female infanticide have gained ground and again subdued male feticide and male infanticide whereas the biological truth is that a male has three times more probability to die while birth than a female. And this false fear imbibes a sense of burden in the parents of the like of Priyanka’s who view the Girl Child as a “Usable Commodity” and in turn convert the male into a “Disposable Entity”.
In a nutshell, these parents are largely responsible for the skewed state of the society. However the Government and the lawmakers, where they have made all sorts of laws to put curb and checks on men, especially husbands and their families, there is not a single law which prevents the women, especially the wives and their families, from committing a marital crime or misusing the laws made for them. As a result the abettors of the suicides of 57,000 married men and 9000 unmarried girls are moving freely in the society.


One thought on “Girl Child – The Usable Commodity

  1. “Such parents bring up their daughters without any training.”

    I disagree to this… The girls get ample training from their parents. They’re well trained to ‘control’ their future husband; well trained to operate him as a free ATM.
    They’re also well trained to use the whole world, esp. the law & order machinery, against their husband & in-laws, if they don’t agree to the terms of living dictated by the wife.

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