Its Fachak – Go Visit it!!!

I was browsing on the internet and landed upon some truly intriguing website which inspired me so much that I am now actually writing this article to describe it. The Website is something of its kind. Looking at the site initially the first thought that crossed my mind is, as to what is Fachak? As it is the word is new and one not knowing its meaning further increases the curiosity of the visitor.
But the fantabulous design of the site makes it very easy to know that it’s more than a platform to share data in various formats. The design of the site is very attractive and a treat to eye. Some of the interesting features of the site are,
1) It’s name. Very catchy and audibly positive.
2) Its appearance. Very attractive with trendy colors.
3) Its concept. This will be explained briefly here.
The concept of users “Fachaking” their favorite content is truly amazing and a clear reflection of democracy at the background of the design. It will be nice to see this site getting professionally mature and offer more and more to its users.
I will be looking forward to its official launch. Will you?


One thought on “Its Fachak – Go Visit it!!!

  1. really..i saw it..a great site and a much needed one as actually have multimmedia these days scattered everywhere..the fachak guys have integrated it on a single platform..i really appreciate it..and also interface is a good one..i have heard that it will be open a lot more better it means..though its simlpy great today per now..

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