The Myth called Male Power


Feminists have used this word very judiciously to bargain for unwarranted concessions for women from the society. And the fools that men are, they easily bought this stupid argument of men being chauvinistic as well and started giving concessions to women. Before commenting more on this, let me first salute Warren Farrell for inspiring me to write this article and then let’s see what actually does chauvinism mean? Chauvinism means blind and biased devotion to any group.

More often than not men are tainted as being “Male Chauvinistic Pigs” which is quite derogatory a term for any person to accept as negotiating bait, but men did that for they did not have the guts to stand out against feminism and the movement. And feminists very well knew that men have a great urge to prove themselves good, responsible, protecting, providing and understanding. Taking advantage of this, feminists started brow–beating men on values and derogated them. They did not refrain from writing openly that men should be castrated and justified their horrendous claims with false and horrifyingly exaggerated stories of women torture with a professional finesse.

The worst attack made by feminists on men was that they are “Chauvinistic”. Whatever expectations that the man had from a woman from any relationship, be it parental, sibling or spousal, were invalidated saying that this reflects the “Chauvinistic Behavior” of a man. However, the expectations of a woman were passed off as her RIGHT. This was a very pervert and covert strategy of feminists to snatch the so called ‘power’ from men which never existed in absolute terms to begin with. Realizing the game played, men tried to retain the same non-existent ‘power’ which was again presented as the MAN being powerful and it being a MAN’s world and further concessions were drawn from men in the favor of women.

And the situation so became that women had the choice of either being a professional (a career woman as they prefer to put it) or a homemaker. The man however, had no choice but to take the financial responsibility at the cost of his own aspirations and men have actually done that. Yet they call men powerful and men buy that argument too, I fail to understand how. Power, as misunderstood, is not the LIBERTY to do something at WILL. Power is the ability to control your own life the way you want and have the choice to do so. Something which men do not have currently, women however have it. Hence it’s the women who are more powerful than men.

It is said that men are biologically powerful than women which is true. But does that define absolute power is the next question one should be asking. And the answer to that question is NO. It, sadly enough, does not define power. Many men think since they are biologically powerful than women, thus the numerous badly drafted, stringent anti–male, women protection laws are justified. It is a sad reality that this also is not true. For women protection laws, the way they are drafted give so much power to women that the men against whom the laws are targeted are virtually and literally left powerless and the poor men have no choice but to either bow down before the woman irrespective of her righteousness or ruin their lives fighting a bogus battle. So again I fail to understand, how are men powerful?

Men, the feminists argue, have the power to take decisions and since women don’t have this power they are not powerful and hence need protection. This again is not true. First of all most of the decisions are taken by the women only and moreover if the man takes the decision, then probably that’s what his role is as he has been made the responsible PROVIDER and PROTECTOR. When he has been ascribed to that role, he must have the power to take decisions or otherwise he should be absolved of the role. And if not, then it’s sheer and clear cut hypocrisy. Further, by nature of design men are more logical and analytical in their thinking and hence a decision taken by a man will be more of a standing than that taken by a woman.

Feminists expect men to do household chores and those men who do not do are again ridiculed as “Chauvinistic”, so in essence any man who does not ‘obey’ feminists is a chauvinistic. And since feminists are staunchly anti–men, the man needs to surrender before the woman to avoid the “Chauvinistic” tag. This is a serious issue which men need to understand. The “Chauvinistic” tag has to be invalidated and incapacitated completely. For if a man is chauvinistic, so is the woman going by the expectations. But the expectations that make a man a Chauvinistic make a woman Empowered, and hence all empowered women are Female Chauvinistic Bitches. 

A man being chauvinistic is just a misleading representation of men and has been done with the oblique motive to take away the attention of the society from the evil deeds and crimes done by a woman and at the same time to divert attention from the problems of a man. Men are not chauvinistic they simply have a different set of expectations from a woman than those that a woman has from a man. If a man having expectations from a woman is chauvinistic, then so is a woman having expectations from a man. On the other hand, if a woman having expectations from a man is her right, then so is the right of a man who has expectations from a woman.

A male being powerful is another delusional attack on men to prepare them to give concessions to a woman. As a human being every individual is powerful in their own sense. If males are powerful biologically, then women are emotionally. These are two entirely different paradigms and one cannot compare the power of one gender in one sphere to the power of the other gender in another completely different and unrelated sphere. However feminists again here also played the same vicious game they are used to and drew out concessions for women from men. 

So many concessions have been drawn that now men are feeling cornered, dejected, and discriminated and women are refraining from taking any responsibility. All this has happened because of “The Myth of Male Power” falsely propagated by feminists. It’s high time, men realize that having expectations is not “Chauvinistic” and they have all right to have expectations and the way things are going on, men need to wake up and fight for their rights. Its high time men stop living in a world of denial. It’s high time to demystify “Male Power” concept and that men are chauvinistic.


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