Open Letter to Her Excellency, The President of India supporting CrPC Amendment

Her Excellency President of India Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil,


Her Excellency,


The proposed amendment for CrPC is a very good and rational move taken by the Govt. of India and approved by your excellency. It is in the best interest of natural justice, towards protecting the common people of India from the disastrous powers of Arrest with the police which of late have been grossly  misused by them.


This has also given rise to a lot of corruption in the force as well. And lawyers directly benefit from the involved corruption. Right now lawyers are protesting against as their business of false cases is going to drop by this amendment. Lawyers need to be reminded of their social duty and responsibility of being the custodian of the constitutions. The watchdog has become the bloodhound and having tasted the blood, is now reacting adversely to a positive development which is self – exposing.


Save Indian Family Foundation, an NGO dedicated to spread the cause of family harmony and gender equality, strongly urges the Government of India to realize the sinister designs of lawyers in opposing it. It is going to eat away their business. We whole heartedly and fully support and welcome this move of amending the CrPC and wish to congratulate the Government for this.


However we are concerned that in wake of this adverse stand taken by the The Coordinate Committee of the Bar Association of Delhi, as they disapprove this amendment, the interests of the common people of India should not suffer. This amendment was long overdue and thus having passed it cannot suffer this blow.

 Why did the lawyers never protested against jailing of innocent under Section 498A of the IPC since the past so many years. In the last 4 years only, 1, 23000 women have been arrested under Section 498A merely on the basis of the complaint because the police had the powers to arrest, as then the business of these lawyers was thriving very well on the fracas of the family structure of India.

Therefore, this is humble request that without any furher delay assent should be accorded by her Excellency President to aforesaid Amendment.


4 thoughts on “Open Letter to Her Excellency, The President of India supporting CrPC Amendment

  1. 498A is like AK-40 weapon in hand for extortion gifted by Govt to female. In my unique case GIRL NEVER VISITED SASURAL & STILL (encouraged by the LAWYERS)-filed 498A for extortion purpose only.
    The CrPc amendment is the best for justice.

  2. The Crpc amenedement is a natural justice and it should have done way back but it came now. So better late than never. Now don’t be hypocratic to oppose it.

  3. It has long been due. India is truly going towards a better and stronger democracy. Police of a free nation should not be empowered and act like British police. God move indeed.

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