Nun attacked Sister Abhaya, says CBI

The article clearly shows how cruel women can be. Yet our benign lawmakers believe all women are born in Raja Harishchandra’s family who never lie and are very docile and innocent. And in that belief they keep exploiting the men. What a shame!!!

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The CBI told a court hearing the Sister Abhaya murder case in Kochi on Monday that it was Sister Sephy, who was arrested along with two other priests, who hit the nun on the head with a hand-held axe. 
CBI said Sister Abhaya was attacked because she saw Sister Sephy in a compromising position with the two priests at the Pius X Convent hostel in Kottayam district. 

Sister Abhaya fell unconscious after the nun assaulted her, hitting her twice behind the ears and a third time on her head, CBI told the court of the chief judicial magistrate. The nun was afraid that Sister Abhaya would reveal her illicit relations with the priests – father Thomas M Kottur and father Jose Poothrikkayil, CBI said. Sister Abhaya, according to the investigating agency, witnessed the intimate acts when she came to drink water early in the morning. 

CBI said the priests then dumped her body in the convent well where she died of drowning. Soon after, the trio also started spreading canards to establish that it was a suicide, it added. 

The court extended the judicial custody of the three accused till January 12 after CBI submitted that some external forces were still trying to influence the case and mislead the investigators.


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