Helicopter Parenting breeds Legal Terrorists

I remember when I was in schools we were taught theorems in Geometry and each theorem had a corollary derived from it. The theorem acted as the theoretical mandate of a mathematical proposition while the corollary was the practical implementation of the same. Chanced upon a similar social theorem today in the Times of India which talked about “Helicopter Parenting” which is defined as follows:-

What is helicopter parenting?

It’s a colloquial term that refers to a style of parenting which involves paying extremely close attention to children. It’s also called overparenting. It gets its name from the fact that parents hover over children like a helicopter.

Nowadays we come across of a lot of false and frivolous reasons for breaking marriage by girls and they do so by filing a false dowry harassment case on their husbands and in-laws in a bid to not only break a marriage at free will but also encash it as per their whims and fancies at the cost of innocent husbands and in – laws. Such practices have been aptly termed by the Honorable Supreme Court of India as “Legal Terrorism” and girls and their parents indulging in such extortionist methods have been aptly termed as “Legal Terrorists” as they create terror via legal methods.

One may wonder the contextual relationship between “Helicopter Parenting” and “Legal Terrorists” which is explained as under.

Marriage is considered to be a very sacrosanct social institution in India since time immemorial and has been bestowed the honor of being the unit of social and familial life. And to make it work is no cakewalk and requires a lot of sacrifices, patience and understanding from both the parties. But nowadays girls, ill – tutored by ill – designed ‘Women Empowerment’ schemes by vested interests, have of late started losing all patience in a marriage and want to call it off for all sorts baseless and frivolous reasons.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is one element of the game that has been never explored and that is parenting of girls by parents. Nowadays parents just do not train their girls and this also reflects an over – protecting attitude from parents who pamper their girls to such an extent that they are totally intolerant to any adjustment and cite even a small effort for that as ‘harassment’ and hold the husband and in – laws responsible for it and ruin their lives. Also as mentioned in the various news articles, Parental Interference is a big contributor to marriage breaking, a poisonous trend is in the setting.

As the name and definition of “Helicopter Parenting” suggests, it is a style of parenting wherein the parents hover over their offsprings, especially girls, even after their marriage and keep interfering in their marriages. Due to their constant interference there is a rise of tension in the marriage. By way of their habit of being overprotective of their daughter, they want to influence every decision the husband takes and do not even refrain from (mis)using the law to create undue pressure and bingo!!! We have a brand new spanking Legal Terrorist formed.

All socio – political and legal issues apart, faulty upbringing and “Helicopter Parenting” is one of the root causes of the degrading marital health of the society and the laying of the foundation of the age of breaking families. The choice is left to the society, whether it wants to continue with “Helicopter Parenting” and breed more and more legal terrorists to devour the society as a cancer or take corrective steps and prevent a social catastrophe.


2 thoughts on “Helicopter Parenting breeds Legal Terrorists

  1. Over parenting is actually a result of lack of quality parenting time with children…. the parents do not have time to give the children the basics(values), , and they try to make up for this lack of time by pampering kids with toys, obliging every request, etc., there by making the child a self-centered, dependant , robot!…. who cannot live with another person(spouse) who may not do similar pampering!

  2. couldn’t agree more with the author, Simply because I am a victim of such helicopter parenting.

    Please also note that helicopter parents are usually insecure, they badly need the financial and emotional support of the child. In Long term when the girl tends to understand the her hubby needs more of her space , they would start emotional black-mails of how they sacrificed in protecting the so called “weak” girl child. Already in the loop for a long while and due to the bad karma earned by her false cases, she is again put in to this trap.

    I have been telling that animals leave out their young ones to survive on their own when they reach adulthood. Why don’t girl parent learn this.. Don’t Spoil your child’s lives.. Beti bi hai vardhaan.. but when you have given “dhaan” to a “Var” .. Leave her to live her own life..
    After all … she is also a human being! Please dont spoil her life by making her file false cases..!

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