For men, a lot bluer

For men, its a lot bluer

Endless deadlines, failing relationships, long working hours and breakneck stress affect men more, as opposed to women


Malavika Velayanikal

DNA, December 14, 2008


The DNA-IMRS survey has thrown up some alarming numbers when it comes to the rates of depression and heartache. Over 50% of the youth were found to be ‘mostly in a state of depression’, far more so in the case of men at a shocking 67%, compared to 39% among women. This dispirited existence is probably tied in to their love life, as 30% of the young population was found believing their relationship doomed.

Sociologist Suparna Majumdar Kar pins responsibility for the youth’s despondence with relationships on “very unrealistic expectations that are fed to their minds by the media”.

“The current culture is such that a relationship is considered mandatory. There is an enormous pressure to find love. And when their expectations are not met, they are left feeling hopeless,” she says.

Men suffer more because they have smaller emotional vents and support systems than women do, she says. And though the liberated woman may disagree, the pressure on men is far more when it comes to establishing careers and generating income. Psychiatrist Dr B Kapur also blames the traditional breadwinner role of men. And the IT/BT sectors, which are the lure of Bangalore are also its bane, he points out.

Social scientist Arvind Radhakrishnan says the high rates of distress and heartbreak are also the fruit
of the current recession and the fear of losing perks and hikes.  “Companionship is definitely an issue with the youth. They don’t want loneliness, yet do not have enough time in hand. Probably, if the survey was conducted a year earlier or later, the rates might not have been so high,” he says. Usha Shinde, a counsellor with Manipal Hospital, who conducted a survey on suicides says over 60% of this hapless group are the youth. She blames it on modern life stress and crumbling support systems. “We are getting isolated,” she says.


One thought on “For men, a lot bluer

  1. Dear Malavika,

    Thank you vry much for writing such a great article probable few people acknowledgea bitterness and pain to male counter part in case of divorce or seperation. It really gives true picture to readers and we foresee more such aricles showings true pictures to society.

    Thanks once again


    Raval Darshan S.

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