Speech Extract of Honorable Justice Shri G Raghuram

Do you feel men should have their rights?
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Honorable Justice Shri G. Raghuram gave the inaugural address at the seminar titled “Dynamics of Family Structure and the Role of Law” organized by the Save Indian Family Foundation team at Vizag. Here is the extract of his speech.

He addresses all people. Then, he acknowledges the statistical presentation, “The presentation is impressive. The inferences are another matter.” He said, “Domestic Violence disturbs the equilibrium of civil society and creates familial disruption.”

With due apologies to police, the administration of police and magistracy are working in a mechanical manner which comes in the way of pursuit of prosecution.

Regarding criticism of any legislation he said that he and his fellow judges are least empowered in this auditorium regarding free speech. However, he would like to make a general comment that “most criticism of legislation (read 498a) is not unfounded. Discourses in civil society are non-existent in this facade called democracy, where sensationalization has become a norm.

In India, retrofitting of laws and non-involvement of civil society in law making has created difficulties. “Dynamics of Family in India” are in distressing state. Laws are meant to replace, Chaos with order and brutality with judgment.” Civilization is heading towards “barbaric age”.

The Judge said, he has consulted and referred the views of many neuroscientists, anthropologists, evolutionary biologists including “Al-Gore” and has come to a conclusion that Audio-Visual Medium (for example TV) has a deep and disproportionate impact on human brain and it disturbs the cognitive part of human brain.  He categorically told, “Too much audio – visual input jeopardizes the cognitive ability”.

He expressed, “I am a member of a judicial fast food joint. I get the salary of a high court judge and work as a Manual Revenue officer, for example like deciding, who will get 50 ration cards.”

He added, “The social audits are non-existent. The marriage evolved since the hunter-gatherer days. It is not clearly known how it came into existence. In Hinduism, there are some 9 different forms of marriages/Vivaha mentioned including intra-family marriages with different motives. The Christian marriage has also involved with some preaching “no divorce”. For Muslims, it is a contract.

The joint family system of marriage is a male dominated, patriarchal set up loaded against women and it has become psycho-socially fragile. The nuclear family can be classified as a first generation and second generation nuclear family.

In the first generation of nuclear family, it still inherited some positive values of joint families. However, in the second generation of nuclear families, the inheritance of values has become weak and children became cultural orphans. No new values could come up to replace the old cultural structures. Pubs and rave parties, wealth acquisition and its dispensation have taken over in the ensuing confusion. The cognitive home sapiens has regressed.”

The “rural” have become victims of confusion and self indulgent consumerists. In this con carnival called democracy, things are at a dismal state.

Now, is there a way out? Yes.

Will Rhetoric do? No.

Will Status Quo work? No.

What is needed is, “love and care for people and civil society has to play a continuous mentoring role.”

Spirit of moderation has to be exercised. Today, marriages have become PowerPoint presentations with complete alienation and disorientation of marriage guests. Marriage guests have become parasites. I say this with due apologies to the parasites in nature.

It is the citizens and civil society that has to direct legislature and representatives. However, there is no regard for citizens or public. When a Govt servant makes a serious mistake towards public, he apologizes to the court and not to the public. In short, democracy has not seeped into our society.

Recently, I came across a lawsuit in a consumer court where a man has filed a complaint that the woman he has married to is an imperfect product as there are a couple of marks on her breasts. So, he wanted to be compensated. No layman can ever get such ideas. A perverted lawyer has told this idea to the man. Lawyers are supposed to be mentors of judges. This mentoring role has become devoid of any sense of values, if they ever had any sense of values.

PS: This speech is as recorded during the seminar and is not the verbatim record. Exact and actual wordings may vary but the gist remains the same and is open to interpretation as well.


One thought on “Speech Extract of Honorable Justice Shri G Raghuram

  1. Nice analysis Judge, but are u ready to act with courage, dispense more righful judgements- may be the limits are too narrow for u… but within that framework you can do much, as u have been doing in the past…… all the best

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