Press meet invitation to celebrate International Anti Lie Day

PRESS INVITATION for Anti-Lie & Anti-Violence Day


Save Family Foundation (SFF), New Delhi arranged a press conference on a unique subject for the very first time.


For the first time, last year, United Nations showed respect to Gandhian philosophy by celebrating Oct.2 (Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday) as a International Day of Non-Violence. Hope they had celebrated it as – International Day of Non-Violence & Non Lying. Mahatma Gandhi strongly belived in both. 


We are witnessing tremendous increase in violence and lies , be it inside the home or outside the home. We appeal to all the citizens of India to help Stop Lie and Stop Violence.  


During the press conference:


1.    We are going to release some deliberate lies of some national and international top leaders with necessary proofs on video as well as in document etc.


2.    We will also present the worldwide devastating effects of such lies.


3.    Important details related to Election Commission of India etc.


4.    How RTI too has helped tremendously, will be informed.


Please do not miss this unique highly informative press conference.


Thanking you.


Date  01/12/2008

Place: Press Club of India

Time: 12 Noon onwards and followed by lunch.



·     Vijay Wadhwani      : 09825225526

·     Kamal K. Vikram     : 9891623412

·     Swarup Sarkar           : 9810611534

·     Sandeep Bhartia        : 9899329991

·     Niladri Shekhar Das   : 9811052770

·     Wasif Ali                    : 9818509406


Supported by:  

Gender Human Rights Society (GHRS), New Delhi


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