Collaborated Media coverage of International Men’s Day

TOI Nov 18 NGO to Celebrate International Men’s Day


DNA Harassed Men seek redressal from bitter halves


Australian Press Release Quoting Save Indian Family Foundation


Hindustan Times Article Celebrate Mens day


TOI Delhi Hharassed Husbands want ministry for Mens Welfare


DC Hyd NGO to help men


TOI Chennai From Boys to Men


Sanmarg Marathon on International Mens Day


Thats Tamil Husbands affected by wives complain to DGP


Collaborated Delhi Coverage


Mumbai bike rally coverage


TOI Mumbai Men Rally For Rights


Janmabhoomi Bike Rally Coverage



Chennai team demanding mens welfare ministry


Press Coverage Amar Ujala


Press Coverage Dainik Jagran


Press Coverage DNA

Press Coverage I-next

Press Coverage TOI


Press Coverage United Bharat


4 thoughts on “Collaborated Media coverage of International Men’s Day

  1. To

    This is for kind information that our group. Hari om Sharnam a group has been registered since last 15 years. During these year, I have had the opportunity of all the
    Kind of programme like cultural, Indian folk dance, puppet and drama , theatre and street plays and all awareness programme etc. under the govt. of India I had the opportunity of programmes under some department like sahitya kala parishad , song & drama division [ min of I&B ] social welfare directed of prohibition family welfare aids control society liberacy world vision etc and privately also we did the programmes . I had an iccr trip to mauritius , usa ,uk, Canada , etc in which we did cultural programme

    never the less we did the programme in the purpose of health like

    Health programme Rural development programme

    1. Aids 1. Indian vikas programme
    2.Family development 2. Employment programme
    3. No alcohol programme 3. Old age pension programme
    4. Tubectomy 4. Atal Bihari road programme
    5. Family planning 5. Maternity Benefit programme
    6. Anemia 6. Water Conservation programme
    7. Plague 7. Women Upliftment programme
    8. Tuberculosis 8. Women development programme
    9. Malaria
    10. Smoking
    11. Environment SOME MORE PROGRAMME
    12. Iodine
    13. Polio 1. Petroleum
    14. Diarrhea 2. Road safety
    15. Kust rog 3. Education
    16. Brest feeding 4. Rural Education
    17. Child labour
    18. Immunization



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