Worst examples of Yellow Journalism by the media

  It is extremely unfortunate that since last couple of years, a small group of journalists in Bangalore have been able to spread “dangerous lies” to defame Bangalore. These journalists not only spread lies, but also campaigned to term Bangalore as “Bride Burning Capital”. There are anti-Karnataka, anti-Bangalore agencies, who were even successful to take this false story to “American Talk Shows” including Oprah Winfrey so that Bangalore’s reputation can be held hostage.

There are journalists, who argue with me even today that there are 250 “bride burnings” are happening in Bangalore every month. They refer to Victoria Hospital data.

There is no basis on which Bangalore can be termed as a bride burning Capital. 

According to National Crime Records Bureau, there are only 244 incidents of “Dowry Deaths including Bride Burning” in whole Karnataka.

The same report shows the incidents of dowry deaths in Bangalore in 2006 as 50 in a year.

    (Please refer: 2006 Crime Table )

Are 50 “dowry death” cases registered in a year, qualify Bangalore to be termed a bride burning capital?

Dowry deaths can happen due to hanging, poisoning, beating or burning.

It is also being noticed that any suicide of married woman today is categorised as dowry death.

If there are 250 “bride burning victims” admitted in Victoria hospital, then why do not that figure in the statistics? If 250 women are burnt in Bangalore every year, then in a year the number would have been 3000 “bride burnings alone”. When organisation Vimochana put a table in Victoria Hospital, what stopped it from registered all these 3000 cases (if they were real)?

In reality, the figure in only 50 reported dowry deaths, not 3000 “bride burnings” as claimed by journalists.

This is where the yellow journalism comes into play.

Eager to write a juicy story, the journalists feed on rumours.

Some journalists still have not got out of hangover and keep using the hoax of “Bride Burning” even today to defame Bangalore.

“Bride Burning” was a big hoax.

In 2006, there are 1830 convictions of dowry deaths (plus domestic violence deaths) all over India. (NCRB)

That rate is lower than similar deaths in US. In US, some 900 women are killed by husband or relatives every year.

Population of US is 1/4th of India. So, if US had been as populous as India, it would have been killing 3600 women in a year.

Yet, India and Bangalore is defamed by some ill-educated journalists, who love yellow journalism.

When rate of murder of women in India by husbands and his relatives is half of the rate of murder of women in US by husband or his relatives, then Indian homes are 2 times safer than American homes so far as women are concerned.

Yet the journalists show Indian family system is a poor light and want to convert India into America without realizing that crime against women in America is more than that in India in any category of crime. We hear so many cases of Indian women shot dead in US today.

The love for white skin countries has taken over.

That blind love makes them write lies to defame Bangalore and India.

This rampant yellow journalism and hypocrisy has driven people to distrust and even hate this category of journalists.

Violence against women must not be tolerated. However, taking help of lies, spreading false rumours and calling Bangalore a “bride burning capital” is utterly disgusting. It is a grave insult to all peace loving Bangaloreans.

Journalists are not Gods. When journalists insult common people using derogatory terms and spread lies and rumours, then they should also be prepared to face the same music from people one day or other.

Lies and half truths do severe damage to society.

With great power comes great responsibility. If journalists do not show responsibility and do not question the facts, then soon people will lose their faith on media. Today, people use extremely derogatory language on English TV Media in blogs because of media bias. Does the same has to happen for print media as well?

Almost every news paper published a lies in Nov, 2006 that 70% of Indian women face domestic violence referring it to UN. In reality, it had no source in UN, which means it is a lie. Washington Times apologized for picking up that lie. No Indian newspaper or TV channel has apologized yet. 

Washington Times’ Apology

In US, most men believe that feminists are male haters. The same will happen in India, if lies are not stopped. 

It is up to the journalists to do some unbiased research so that lies and half-truths can be filtered. For example, Karnataka is the only state in India, where only 6% of educated women (who completed class 10) face domestic violence at any point of time from 15-49 years(national family health survey Karnatak fact sheet). No journalist highlights the positive side of Karnataka or Bangalore. In US, 29% of women and 22% of men face domestic violence. Karnataka is far better and peaceful.

In Karnataka sex ratio at Birth is 949 girls for 1000 boys. Where as in US, it is 956 girls per 1000 boys and in Germany it is 944 girls for 1000 boys. Still, journalists fail to see the scientific fact that it is nature’s law that 950 girls are born for 1000 boys and this is never mentioned in the newspaper articles. There are always 5% less girls are born. When this fact is not mentioned and it is reported that 949 girls are born for 1000 boys in Karnataka, that misleads the common people.

Women’s Organizations spreading paranoia

Extreme Reactions to lies:


It is to be noted that common people react extremely to lies. I have seen people recommending “boiling in oil”, castration of people accused in dowry cases, bride burning or rape cases. That is disgusting. The alarm caused by journalists is the reason for people to react in that extreme manner. This same extremism results in “extreme laws”.  (Pl. refer the comment in a news website below).

Imagine, someone recommending chopping of tongue of a woman, if it is proven that she has filed a false dowry, false rape case, or false acid attack case?

I once met a guy in a court, who was accused of attempt to throw acid on a female colleague. He told me, when he pestered her to return Rs.10,000/- she borrowed from him, she filed the false case of “attempt to throw acid”. If a common man is brainwashed with acid attack stories, then the common man may feel that this guy should be castrated (as shown in comment of a newspaper below). If this guy is innocent and if he reads someone talking about “castration of men”, who are accused of throwing or attempt to throw acid of women, how will he feel? Will he not lash out angrily at journalists?

Journalists forget that, when they campaign for “extreme laws”, then innocent people get victimized and these victims lose sympathy of the society due to radicalization by media. Then, these people blame the journalists for being extremists and promoters of yellow journalism.

I clearly showed that “Bride Burning” capital and 70% women facing Domestic violence are great pieces of yellow journalism.

People can lash out angrily at journalists (or their supporters) who write extreme articles, call Bangalore the “Bride Burning Capital” or recommend castration of men.

Please note:   I am not specific to any journalist here. I am addressing the whole media in Bangalore and India. We think, the poor work by journalists in general is now forcing Software Engineers to do journalist’s work and research “unofficially”. Only after, we shouted for years, the journalists notices false dowry cases or child custody issues, where as it was their duty to do research in these topics on their own. 

Many journalists have written articles supporting men’s causes recently. Thats one way, the journalists have undone some of the damage done earlier by “vicious campaigns” against men.

My final request, Please do not term Bangalore as “Acid Attack Capital” now just because there are some 65 cases of acid attacks in last 4 or 5 years. Acid attacks happen in equal rate in US, Europe and other great “white” countries as well. You can do a search in google to find the facts.

Due to massive population of India, the Indian crime statistics look huge, where as India is much peaceful (in spite of poverty, lack of opportunities) compared to many “white supremacist colonial countries”, who fund Indian media to destroy our cultures, societies and families.

A comment (after moderation by news website)

We should introduce CASTRATION OF male criminals and 10 years in jail along with publishing his photos and address in local newspapers. This will deter such crimes. We should look at Saudi Arabia. Long back the Gulf area had resource crunch and low education levels as well as low intelligence level, and to bring down the crime rate they had introduced barbaric sharia laws and it kept the Gulf tribes, safe from crime.. 


Acid Attacks Scar Bangalore

Veena Joshi

Last Updated : 23 Oct 2008 10:57:30 AM IST

BANGALORE: Bangalore has hit the headlines once again for the wrong reasons. After earning disgraceful titles like the “suicide capital” and “brideburning city,” it is now recording an alarming number of acid attacks too.

Another biased Article

Can South stay smug?

7 Sep 2001, 0040 hrs IST, SEETHALAKSHMI S, TNN

for evidence, consider the hundreds of young brides who arrive in bangalore’s victoria hospital with burns either because they have not brought enough dowry or simply because they cannot produce children.


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