154 M Dollar Divorce

With such hefty alimonies being doled out from men’s hard earned money why would any girl make any single effort to make a marriage and why would she not make every effort to show the marriage as a bad one and encash it out.

See the news item below which speaks of a whopping 154 M Australian Dollar alimony granted to the Greg Norman’s ex – wife in a divorce suit. In a arstocratic divorce no alimonies should be the rule as the parting wife has the whole world at her feet to stand upon, the husband should not be made to pay anything. Alimony is not meant as a price to get divorce for men and a tax free earning opportunity for women. It is the subsistence allowance which is given to a non – earning non – capable spouse.

Making such hefty alimonies as a fashion feminists have already made a long headway into castrating men. Reminds me of a funnny qoute read somewhere, which goes like this,

The definition of a divorce :-

“Divorce is a way of ripping a man’s purse apart with his genitals”.

Its high time men stand unitedly against alimony and abolish it ultimately. But the saddest part of the fallacy is that spineless men are themselves supporting it to attract women as they are afraid of men’s rights since their sexual insecurity tells them that women will not come to them if they talk of men’s rights. Again irony personifying itself in life.

154 M Dollar Divorce


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