498B on its way!!!


DC Article on 498B


6 thoughts on “498B on its way!!!

  1. Rubbish news…
    Only lawyers can suggest a new law to be created…

    No one but the lawyers will benefit by any new laws being made… Moreover even if such a new law is made, the lawyers collective will make sure the men who file any case under 498B are screwed left right and center before any scratch can reach the women.

  2. what i understand is that 498B (Dowry Death) already exists then how can u have two different laws with the same heading. I am confused please clarify this.

  3. Hi Legaltechie

    Why are you so pessimistic. 498B sounds like the best antidote to
    498A. If your wife screws you with 498A, you can pull out 498B

    Great news….

    Narender: Looks like you have not read the article fully.

  4. Srimaan Kaamkibaat…
    Aapki baat kuchh jyada kaam ki nahi lagti 😉

    1st of all, you seem to have no idea what 498A really means… In all practicality, its a silver Bullet your wife has, which she can fire anytime. The fear of this bullet stays only till she fires it.
    Once that’s done, then its upto you, whether you take in head on or dodge it. Either way, the bullet is gone from her kitty. After that its upto us to play the mind game in the courts and outside…

    Now if you too want a similar silver bullet that you lose as soon as you fire, and then get screwed for the rest of your life, then go ahead demand it…

  5. It is a must as the law should not be gender biased. If the law makers in this country are not ready to accept the change (by making 498a gender neutral) then a separate law is a must. is a must. is a must.

  6. only in India it can happpen,so many laws but no jusitce still.In india you need law for every little thing but there is no sensible law to protect everyone’s right.It should not matter if it is child,man,woman,eldery or animal,cruelty to anyone is bad but no we need many laws to confuse anyone and aamm admi does not what to do where to get help and what is his rights so go to lawyer and he will fight his case in english in a court,he would not know whats happening.So called solicitor and police who should be explaining and maintain the law system they are the one who enjpy all conflicts and make money.
    Renuka and her group must be loughing at men’s condition and enjoying what have done to the indian men.Look at Indian Ram and Indian sitain.Indian man truely become A LAXMI or Tijory MAN—-ATM—-BEST OF LUCK—1000YRS TIME INDIAN MAN MIGHT GET JUSTICE–THE WAY INDIAN POLITICS AND INDIAN LAW WORKS

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